You should count on classic accompaniments to the Mexican food when it talks of the classic Mexican side dishes, a few side dishes, which may lack any food, no matter whether you take this in the morning, at breakfast, or in the late evening hours to. This definitely includes the bean pulp. This is made for all dishes, whether as a side dish or as a spread on tortillas. Learn more at: Peter Barbey. There are virtually no court in which this bean porridge may lack. Furthermore, there is the avocado, which is also submitted to many dishes in the form of the world famous avocado cream or that gives this a special touch in strip cut into salads or in dishes. These two standard side dishes should be missing in any court, have become but also well known and have thus found in the food culture of almost every country of their permission. If you talk but by a cactus as a side dish, so he rubs a or other Europeans surprised eyes. But the Cactus is a delicious tasting side dish, which also still rich in iron, potassium, and calcium as well as magnesium.

The partly indigestible fibers to help even when removing. This truncated the leaves in the Nopal Cactus if they are still quite young. Then the sheet into small pieces will be cut and boiled for 10 minutes. You can insert these Cactus strips for a salad, a soup, or as an accompaniment to the different omelets, tortillas or Taco dishes, and thus serve a healthy side dish. Who has eaten the Cactus once grilled, knows how delicious it tastes. Also, the edible Cactus comes from the influence of Mexican natives who have used it both as a vegetable, but also as a medicine. Which are three vegetable side dishes in any Mexican dish in particular, may lack most of the time but also as a triple component,.

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