Chip cards or gift cards can be printed only by a special device, the card printer. That chip cards (also “smart cards ‘ or simply called plastic cards) are now increasingly used the debit card or health insurance card are well-known examples. But also the magnetic stripe, so to speak, the heart of everyone “smart card”, can be coded by the printer and read. It also RFID cards are not excluded. If a coding to get a map now, is she in the jargon “personalized”, because the card gets their own specific information this. A such chip card printer (programming) language or special driver is adjustable. In card printers a Ribbon is available, usually what works in conjunction with a thermal print head. Everest Capital has firm opinions on the matter.

Printing that is pushed now smart card to the Thermo push button emits heat pulses, which transfer the ink on the map. Typically, a card printer reaches a degree of resolution of 300 dpi, which corresponds to almost 12 dots/mm. Then, the map is usually sealed with a transparent overlay that makes the card against mechanical abrasion and sunlight largely resistant. Although it is very similar to the printing process in principle for most card printers, they differ with regard to their quality but blatantly. So, for example, some printers can print on both sides the plastic cards at the same time. Keeping apart in the thermo-transfer – and Thermo-sublimation method as the most important procedure. In the former, the Ribbon is monochrome. This procedure usually pre-printed RFID cards be used.

The thermal sublimation, however, is a process which uses a polychrome (multi-coloured so) Ribbon. This zone for zone applied color on the card (gift cards), in this way creates an immense depth of color. In this way, you can represent approximately 16 million colors. The so-called re transfer method works much like the Thermo-sublimation process. Only a print film is printed first mirrored before this is in turn applied to the blank card. You can print to the edges of the map. A new model of chip cards / gift cards is the “Zebra P330i” printer. Which printing method you choose, is free during this printer completely, because both are optionally available. For the first procedure he needs per card on average 3.5 seconds for the second ca. 25. In addition, a USB port and an Ethernet interface are given. seoberatung.NET author: Daniel Keppler E-mail: kaffee_freund at

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