This approach should serve to better guide the short and medium term, from a view of knowledge in the medium and long term in line with business changes that are occurring in the market, society and technology. a We emphasized that the knowledge management can be framed at a time when the number occurring in relation to changing circumstances management practices. The different streams of management business, which Gurus, Business Schools and Consultants, are proposing, are shaping a road full of principles on which companies establish benchmarks to determine and develop their strategies. The practices that are proposed are neither entirely new, nor pose immediate solutions for enterprises, are rather general issues or principles that there is little to discuss beyond the academic level.

But the thing is whether structural reforms can focus on business management based on the knowledge or innovative vision is for Knowledge Management. The answer given time, but it seems that these concepts have a very direct translation and short-term, major econometric parameters with which firms make decisions, and therefore its impact at least in the short term will be low and in any case very slow. This change of mentality which follows the need to transform a particular company and is also a guarantee of success in change, is always needed, whether to pursue a process redesign plan, or a quality program, or any other project of transformation. This transformation process may be hampered by the same factors inhibitors of any changes, but enhanced and amplified by changes in personal positions, that the value of learning and knowledge in its entirety can represent models against historical consolidated views more functional and hierarchical of our organizations. .

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