Make up for a business woman becomes daily more urgent – not surprising in our negotiations and business meetings. Business make-up – one of the most important components of women’s dress code – that accompanies success. And if you to a business event or interview, make sure the make-up in advance, because this is a great way to express yourself. Depending on the type and importance of the meeting, think, and not to resort to the services of a professional make-up artist? ‘Of course, such a romantic event like a wedding – the most suitable occasion to feel like a princess. However, before meeting with an employer or client and must not be neglected services professionals. We do not doubt the drop in your Makeup-abilities, but trust makeup artist who knows his business, – a guarantee of your self-confidence. Most importantly, make an appointment in advance and not . If you do decide to do on their own, you can help tips from our magazine

The less makeup the better, of course, need to hide flaws and highlight the advantages, but do not overdo it. the best way to remember people. You do not want to after it leaves the room, people were discussing your garish makeup, not quality as a talented professional candidate or their cause. Besides the goal of any business make-up – to inspire confidence . Stick to neutral colors lighter shades of brown, beige-gray, hot pink – best friends, naturalness, and therefore fit any business lady. Places of deferred bright shade for a hike in beach Cafes, hardly any of you prefer the style ‘Barbie’ in the interview. lipstick can just as easily destroy the business image.

Ideal – natural beige shades. Emphasis try to attract the attention of others to one portion of your face. Lips, cheeks and eyes – focus on something, and add a bare minimum kolorita to other sites. This technique will give your face expression, and at the same time, it will not look ‘Congested’ makeup. If you choose not to focus on the lips, best to use a transparent sheen. It’s now just up to date. Directly training play with different colors and shades of two days before the official meeting and do not experiment for 20 minutes before! This will help you avoid some mistakes, save time and give you confidence in the chosen style. Before any business event your make-up should primarily be thought out and carefully selected. But before leaving do not forget to put in a handbag lipstick, powder and wipes: be prepared to refresh the make-up at any time. these simple tips, you’re out no doubt will look ‘at’! On the business, of course;).

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