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This indebtedness appeared in function of if collecting less of what it spends yourself, as if a person who gains a minimum wage lived with two. Great part of this increase of the debt was for helping institutions and to ahead stimulate the economy of the crisis of sub-prime American of 2008, present one of U.S.A. for the world in that year. With the increase of the expenditure and fall of the collection, the countries had generated papers that had been negotiated, but that after some time the investors they had started to distrust that they would lose money in this business. Greece was accused in 2010 for the periodical of The New York Times to close agreements with the bank of Goldman Sachs investments (the greater of the world in its category) to hide given of its debt. In the center of the European Crisis they are: Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain, one mix of strong economies, as the Italian and of simple, as the Portuguese, for example. In the center of the negotiations to contain the crisis they are the governing of Germany and France, the two main economies of the Zone of the Euro. To stanch the crisis, two emergenciais plans, one for Greece had been created, with aid of the European countries and FMI (Fundo Monetrio Internacional) in the value of 110 billion Euros and another one of 750 billion Euros, represented for a deep emergencial for this type of situation in the Europe.

The Europe that if grouped to redeem itself of the past, faces in the height of the economic and monetary union pane of its currency, the only one of the one after war to be international as the United States dollar. Of the union of the great European countries euro must be kept and the proper European Union, therefore in case that contrary, the economic blocks will lose its illustrious representative greater the international dynamics of the regionalizao block-type supranational will be reviewed. Prof. Ivan Santiago Hisses is gegrafo and author of the Brazil Book, Imperialism and Integration in Latin America

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