Piaget has been manufacturing quality watches for many years, however, may be the work that they have done for other companies which has brought them the most attention. Piaget has been creating sketches that are used in watches produced by companies such as Audemars Piguet, Longines, Omega and Rolex. Produced by Piaget watches have been in production since 1874 when the founder of the company, George-Ecoulard Piaget began his work in Switzerland. The company has had a number of technical achievements that all right should be proud. The first is the distinction of making one of the most thin mechanisms of the era. These were produced at the beginning of 1956 and thin mechanisms remain somewhat by what the company is recognised, due to the style and elegance that gives him the Piaget watches.

These ultra thin mechanisms have been used since the 1920s, both in watches for ladies and gentlemen. Still complicated mechanisms continue to occur in the region of Jura in Switzerland, although other portions of the company have been moved to Geneva. In Buttes are still produced plates base and bridges, though the machinery that is currently used to make them has become much more advanced that what was in the past. Indeed, the region of Jura is still where the most complicated tourbillones continue assembling. The company was successful for many years marketing its mechanisms and sketches components to other watchmakers. A sketch is a mechanism that has been made to measure with a subgroup of rope, gear and spring Canyon train, but which lacks balance, escape and balance.

It is not unusual to find Piaget components incorporated into recognized watches produced by a number of different companies. Like many other companies in Switzerland watch, Piaget has gone out of the hands of the original family and passed to new owners.

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