Or read, to more accurately understand the meaning of the ideas of the author. To not work, as I have. Somehow I decided that when Boris Krieger writes about reducing crowding of the population, he has in mind settling on the farm. But when was the view of the book again, suddenly found that even the concept of this – "farm" – in books B. Krieger, no. It is I myself is fiction and began to argue but actually lives in a small village, a small provincial town or city is different in First of all the different energy fullness.

And there are people who are familiar and comfortable to live in a super-city (probably many will remember the heroine of the movie "Kate & Leopold"), and there are those who can not imagine my life without daily sunset over the field in his native village. (What I am trying here to challenge the idea of Boris Krieger, not talking about their weaknesses. In fact – this is my testimony harmful and "controversial" nature and the fact that I love philosophize in the kitchen. In addition, the above mentioned, that of Boris Krieger awaken thoughts and forced to think ) But the author offers an original super-method for the solution of military conflict: "To come in head killed each other, will be made available to themselves and, possibly, reduced to the order of using military robots that can catch the fighters and put under house arrest. Military leaders will not be able to keep the population in the zone conflict, the main hostage and subject to blackmail "(" A Thousand Lives).

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