Carlos took care of, leaving to escape one bawls that it would scare bravest of the samurais: _ Boni, its poor fellow, there what you walked preparing? Had not been clear my recommendations pra vocs to be far from complications? now, is involved in the murders that you, cynically, gave the notice to me, as it was the biggest newness! Pra can be arranged to receive the substitute. Not I am nor one minute with a salafrrio in my company, understood well? You are fired and me she does not appear never more for the front, therefore control to finish with its race. I do not want to know of papo! It disconnect the telephone and it looked at for the sergeant, fusillading it with the look, as if also he was guilty: _ Vagabond! Disembarassed! Son of puta! The brazen one gave the notice to me as if it was the biggest newness, embedded until the neck in the excrement that had made I go to botar everybody in the street! One remembered that the sergeant was a policeman of the city where the crimes occurred, it looked the emotional reequilbrio and it asked for: _ Desculpe, sergeant, but are much thing for a head alone. If they were service problems, of illness or financier, I I would accept with tranquillity, but, murder? Not! It is excessively! But, sergeant, it has what you pra to count to me? What it was that those salafrrios had walked making for there? _ What I have to say, for the time being is very little. The things if had unchained yesterday to the afternoon, later that I left pra to investigate the property of this truck. The number of the plate was inside of the agenda of the first assassinated commission agent. It has one hour, I discovered in the DETRAN that is of its company.

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