Energy sunlight to penetrate the nashk planet as a result of infrared, visible light. In the ultraviolet spectrum are three groups: radiation 330 – 390 nm (UV – A), the sun's rays 300 – 340 nm (UV – B), with a long wave, 200 – 290 nm (UV – C). The most dangerous to humans last – fortunately, the ozone layer is to them an insurmountable obstacle. Tan – is the result of exposure to the skin of ultraviolet radiation type A and B. Under the influence of these rays in skin cells formed pigment, acts as a natural filter.

That is a tan – is a way of self-defense of the organism. What is good and the bad sunburn uv reasonably useful. It enhances immunity, suppresses colds, inflammatory and allergic reactions, restores metabolism, restores sleep and improves appetite. But any good – in the case of excesses – turns into a detriment. For a long time in the sun threatens to skin burns (up to the appearance of blisters).

Other hazards: dry, flaky skin, will lead to early aging, brittleness and loss of hair, a decrease in the protective layer of the body, worsening the normalization of body substances. As correctly tan 75% of people can tan without getting burned. But for this you need to take a tan gradually, starting with a single dose – the appearance of a light red. Safest to sunbathe in the morning (from 9.30 to 11.00) and evening (from 15.30 to 17.00). In noon if unbearable, then you can sunbathe but only in the shade. tdown/’>Harold Ford Jr. Being on the beach under the open sun, do not forget to wear sunglasses and a hat. It is best to tan frequently, but gradually. About sunscreen Most modern sunscreens reflect UV-B – rays that can cause inflammation and skin burns, but passed A – rays, "working" in a relatively safe and attractive tan. Sunscreen should be applied half an hour before the sun's rays. In the instructions that came with the cream to all to scrutinize. Located on the beach, it is necessary from time to time "to restore protection "(cream washed off with water during bathing, etc.). However, there is a sale of water-repellent cream though they are more expensive than ordinary ones. On the tan which is obtained in the solarium, there are different opinions. Many believe that a visit to the solarium – wonderful way to get a uniform, attractive tan all year round. Results 15 – minute session is equivalent in efficiency to several beach hours. However, tanning does have its drawbacks, in lamps that produce light, which produces harmful rays. They cause dry skin, prematurely aging, and cancer risk.

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