Performance significantly above prospectus approach Hamburg, 08 may 2012. Also the Metropolitan estates Berlin fund investors benefit from the positive development of the real estate market of the capital”. The Hamburg-based underwriter United investors Fund offer opts for its partners on the ground in these targeted development opportunities in the Berlin housing estate and the experiences. The placement period of the Metropolitan estates Berlin runs until 31 December 2012. 60 per cent of equity are already a recruited. It is however important that already the first investments were made and their potential above the brochure approach is. It invested the Fund together with the Bautrager Sanus Beteiligungs AG, with a share of about 10 per cent of the approved housing areas in Berlin a clear market leader in the capital include, in the objects Scharnhorststrasse in Berlin middle and Seesener road (construction IV. quarter of 2012) in Charlottenburg, entrance to the Ku dam.

The Metropolitan estates Berlin this occurs as a co-investor and to participate directly in the success of the projects. Here, investors get a basic interest rate of 8.5 percent per year and a profit participation. The first investment in an already running construction projects should generate a total asset growth of 14.29 percent while according to prospectus assumptions. Actually the results due to the sales success and the price per square meter reached higher more clearly, so that can be expected with a capacity increase of 24.48 percent. Still more enjoyable is the situation at the second investment of funds in the Seesener Street. As a result of the increased market levels is the Fund originally planned brochure assumptions of 20.40 percent 42,87 percent.

The annual increase in net assets is over ten percent per year after taxes. Here, too, Sanus expects significantly higher selling prices. The Fund subscribers and newly acceding investors several advantages arise for this”, says Thomas Gloy, Managing Director of United investors: for the projects described in the prospectus show that they perform more than assumed. This is a security for another, yet-to-be-made investments”Ganesh. A prospectus supplement also confirms that the expected payouts to investors over the should be, what was originally promised. Hauke Bruhn says the Metropolitan estates Berlin proves to be so secure investment with a short duration and high yield potential”, another Managing Director in the United investors group. Currently, the Hamburg-based company, preferable to the distributions for the first joined Fund subscribers because of quick recoveries is considering. A decision should fall in the next few days. For more information,

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