The acceptance of the Bible is due to the belief that she expresses in concrete form, a divine revelation. Religion involves revelation, but it is necessary to find out on what grounds the Bible is considered containing and expressing that revelation. No one can read the old or New Testament without seeing indications of who the writers believed that they could receive, and that in fact received, communication from God. The revelation is possible if we believe that God exists and that he is all powerful, then can, manifested in us. The revelation is likely, insofar and as soon as the revelation of oneself is something natural in us. Being that God is love, this very fact implies that he is expressing likewise, inasmuch as the essence of love is to reveal if same. These considerations lead us to thinking that the revelation this available in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.

God has revealed himself in nature, Providence and history, but preeminently has revealed also in Christ, regarding the realities spiritual. Natural religion has not been found sufficient for human life, because of sin. The nature of man has never been a mirror suitable for divine revelation. The New Testament is written expression more pure, more complete and more clear of this revelation in Christ. We declare that the revelation is certain and safe. Do believe that the Bible is revelation divine and therefore our highest authority? The New Testament is genuine, is the work of those to whom it is attributed and that they were the earliest followers of Jesus Christ. The Church itself has proven it throughout history.

It was found that the New Testament has sufficient evidence of legitimacy. Allusions to history and customs beans, Roman or Greek, tested their early date. Such references would have been impossible later. The New Testament has been attacked by men such as Celso, Porfirio, Julian and Rousseau.

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