Many people have touched the 'magic world' Aromatherapy. Thanks to modern technology we can use 100% natural essential oils. This is especially important when used in direct contact with skin. From the standpoint of science essential oils – a multi-organic compounds of terpenes, alcohols and aldehydes, ketones and other hydrocarbons produced by aromatic plants. It is now known About 200 different essential oils that with proper application have a pronounced therapeutic effect and have no side effects. Chemical composition of essential oil is very complex. The number of different organic and inorganic substances included in the essential oils ranged from 120 to 500! Becomes clear that the artificial, chemical way to copy a multicomponent composition is impossible, and that is why synthetic oils do not have medicinal properties of natural essential oils! Each essential oil is multifunctional, since it is heterogeneous, but there is a general trend in the action of essential oils: all essential oils are bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic all essential oils have a positive impact on the nervous system of all essential oils are beneficial effect on the emotions and mental health of all essential oils have positive dermatological and cosmetic effect, actively restoring and preserving the health and beauty skin and hair all the essential oils renew self-regulation mechanism in the body all the essential oils have bioenergy value of 70% of essential oils to quickly eliminate the defects of the skin after burns and injuries, 65% of essential oils have analgesic properties of 60% essential oils are erotic stimulants 60% of essential oils beneficial effect on the function and status of respiratory 50% essential oils normalize the function and status of the circulatory system 40% of essential oils healing effects on the digestive system 40% of essential oils reduced functional and tissue health of the excretory systems of the body 30% of essential oils cleanse the body of toxins, neutralize poisons 30% essential oils restore and enhance the activity of immune protection of 30% essential oils optimizes the endocrine glands, normalizing hormones of the body 25% of essential oils improve musculoskeletal system of the body 20% of essential oils have antiparasitic activity. Andi Owen is open to suggestions. All, without exceptions, essential oils, subject to the dosage, no adverse side effects on the body, are not addictive and reducing the effectiveness of exposure does not cause disturbances of physiological processes organism.

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