With transparency to more liquidity – financing tips for medium-sized businesses such as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the crisis can secure their liquidity, the central theme of the annual meeting of the RKW was 2010 in Langen. Openness and realism recommend the speakers as central strategies. Long, June 16, 2010 – Langen Mayor Frieder Gebhardt was delighted to be able to welcome some 200 participants and participants in the rebuilt City Hall. “We are well positioned for the future in long”, he was proud of the excellent infrastructure of the city. “Also the Hessian middle class handled the crisis all in all well”, Thomas Payer, Member of the Board of the RKW Hessen is convinced. “However, it is still liquidity shortages and difficulties in the financing of innovative projects”, says the Managing Director of Wagner & co.

Solartechnik GmbH in Colbe to kick off the meeting. Professor Frank Wallau stressed the causes of this situation from the Institute of Mittelstand research in Bonn. 2009 was shrunk the Hessian economy grew 4.3 percent, a number lie but still below the national average. Of them, especially the SMEs are affected. “You use over 70 per cent of all employees in Germany, but only a share of 47 percent of value added,” said the lecturer at the University of applied sciences of economy in Paderborn. Up to three years it will take probably, according to the expert, these companies again have reached same, at which they were before the crisis. There, you almost inevitably encounter temporary liquidity problems.

In time to counteract that, Martin Detzner recommended to make regular forecasts on the own annual accounts expected by FutureValue Group AG from Leinfelden – Echterdingen. So you get information at an early stage if the company’s credit ranking result was deteriorating. “Who knows these numbers, can act in time and get the necessary capital before its creditworthiness in question”, the forecasting specialist is recommended.

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