What is a tag? Tags are keywords you use to promote your blog.If you have a blog about dogs and you just write a post about possible food from the dog, the labels would be, for example: dog, dogs, dog food, food for natural dogs, dog food recipe, and any other keywords you used in your blog. On the other hand, if you promote a business, like which I propose hereby, tags, or keywords, or tags, how to write in English, could be: marketing, affiliate marketing, internet, work at home, work from home, facebook, or another that you believe that you will be useful for someone who is looking for a serious business on the Internet can give your blog. Business that I propose is to affiliate with facebook Marketing, if with the social network that most use to search friends, begins without a doubt this business, which is tested, where many people are getting great income, and will teach you to use this medium to generate money. Something to take account of this business, it is that it is very easy to use, which means that you don’t have to be a master in computer science or marketing to win with this business. As proof of what you mention, is that you will receive an equal to my own blog. Another advantage is that many people, such see yourself already know manage facebook, so it would not difficult to learn how to make it profitable. Discover how to make money with Facebook here: If you visited this link, you may have noticed that it is an opportunity to not miss it.

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