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At this point, it is easy to understand what has been said, and that if compare a salon classes characterized by reflect negative aspects as well as those that have been appointed, which regards the description of ADHD – which was already made reference-becomes again the same result such conditions do not exist. The issue here is, if a student with ADHD have problems to keep calm, focused and attentive, and added to this, tends to act in impulsive manner, it is very difficult for teachers to achieve pay due attention, since it has to deal, usually, with numerous groups, which increases the possibility of distraction and, at the same time, runs the risk of not being able to be on the lookout for this student. And if the above is added to, lack of knowledge, experience and vocation in the teacher, makes more complicated the situation. The curriculum that shapes the careers of secondary education, practically, they fail to consider courses that deepening this kind of topics, and if some consider it, in the end, turns out to be a mere touch. For its part, the Ministry of public education (MEP), knowing this situation, does not seek the possibility of offer and bring to schools, training that will prepare to face this problem. This could lead very beneficial, firstly, for the teachers involved and, secondly, for students who have this disorder.

Therefore, a teacher who comes to present the Trinomial ignorance – lack of vocacion-inexperiencia, would be one of the most unfortunate conditions that could happen to a student with ADHD. First, because the educator would be uninformed of the problem, i.e., would ignore the disorder, which gives way to not do anything, because he knows nothing. And second, it would not have the interest or the desire to help this student in the least. It would therefore be a classroom with a distracted, impulsive, impatient, irritable teenager, etc., and, most likely, this would be a cause that would spark a future disorder in the classroom.

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