Working from home gives you a number of benefits, both economic and quality of life, unimaginable in a traditional business, and much less even self-employed work. At the economic level: Not having employees, thus saving money and energy that this entails. Not have infrastructure costs (rent of premises or industrial buildings, offices, stock, machinery, etc.). Not having to scroll every day to reach the local or trade a savings of time and money. milar insights. Start with a reasonable investment, avoiding loans and economic troubles. At the level of your quality of life: Work without fixed schedules, you mark your own hours. Being able to combine family life, children and hobbies with your business.

Have no limit of age to begin. You’re always young to get into the business. Accessible to anyone with any training, without knowledge or previous studies, everything you need to know will learn it hand of your team. You just need enthusiasm and motivation. Obtain a median income between 800 and 2,000 euros for the first 8-10 months.

Not having to sell, because then it would be a direct selling business and already you would not be at home, but on the street doing product demonstrations. If you are considering you work from your home, he studies very well if the business opportunity that you have met all these requirements, and offers you all the advantages you’ve described above. If you’re already doing it, but without getting all these benefits, you should consider if you are in the right business, or on a computer that is paying you the training and support needed to achieve this.

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