The international 3B scientific group is specialized in the production and marketing of didactic materials for science and medical education. Hamburg, January 2013 – with two subsidiary foundations in the European Asian region 3B scientific can look back on a productive year of 2012. The opening of Turkish sales offices followed only a few months later after the establishment of the subsidiary in South Korea. In December 2012, expanded the 3B scientific group to include a site in Turkey and has thus 13 offices outside Germany. 3B scientific TR E? itim ve Gerecleri Med Arac? kal? c ve D? Ticaret limited? irketi, so the official name, operated by the metropolis of Istanbul in the Turkish market.

Melih Abid, Managing Director of 3B scientific TR, the new branch is managed by an experienced staff: since 2008, I supervise the 3B scientific customers in Turkey and other countries from the site Hungary out. This experience as well as my Mother tongue Turkish will help me in negotiations, to provide our customers the best service.” With 75 million inhabitants, Turkey has a similar-sized population as Germany, but is much younger, with an average age of under 30 years of age. A sound education plays a large role. The Turkish education system offers an extensive network of schools and universities, representing one of the main target groups of the 3B scientific group. Economically although there are discrepancies between the densely populated western and the less developed East of the country, but generally the economy of Turkey are characterized by a rising growth rate. With a gross domestic product of 775 million US$ (2011) Turkey ranks 18 in an international country comparison and is thus well ahead of European industrial nations such as Belgium or Sweden. The Web shop by 3B scientific TR will be available soon at.

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