Thursday, November 22, 2012, Munich ‘Riding Hall’ brandamazing brand consulting sustainable brand personalities who have unique and exemplary profiled, who also currently and for all to understand makes a significant contribution, it better is the society a piece, (and) qualified brands Awards 2012 for the best human. On the evening of 22 November 2012 the outstanding brand personalities of the year in Munich will be awarded within the framework of the festive award dinners: guest in the historic Munich riding the best are Prof. Regina Ziegler, Christian Vater, Prof. Franz Josef Radermacher and Professor Hellmuth Karasek human brands 2012. “The award winners and Lauda Gates 2012, strong brands and live in Munich:-best female human fire: Prof.

Regina Ziegler, Ziegler Film – Christian Berkel, actor, Director and producer as laudatory – best newcomer human fire: rounds Christian Vater, founder and Managing Director of the Foundation of Germany” -. “Dr. Fritz Pleitgen, former Director General of Westdeutscher Rundfunk and ARD Chairman, as laudator – best male human fire: Prof. Dr. Dr. Franz Josef Radermacher, advocate of the eco-social market economy, a member of the Club of Rome – Felix Finkbeiner, future Ambassador of plant-for-the-planet”, as laudator – best human fire LifeWork: Prof. Dr.

Hellmuth Karasek, journalist and author – the laudatory will be announced. The program – 19: 00 reception with the world-famous Geheimrat J. Riesling champagne brut – 20: 00 gala dinner and awards ceremony – approx. 23: 00 get-together (open end) which brands Awards human best already for the second time is the brandamazing brand consulting the true brand personalities of everyday life with the best human brands awards from. Award-initiator and human branding inventor Jon Christoph Berndt, Managing Director of brandamazing: the all praise human fire characterizes their profiled appearance and effect particularly because of the exposed role of the wearer in the society. This role is a serving role: the personality is their Role aware. They invested their privileged position that others participate to leave and to benefit from.” The awards are presented in four categories: best female human brand, best male human brand, best newcomer human fire and best human fire LifeWork. 2011 brands awards were awarded the first best human Dusseldorf Andrea Petkovic, Ina Muller, Ernst Prost and Mario Adorf. At the evening award reception we initiate breeding on the winners with the world-famous Geheimrat J.

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