During pregnancy, when the body undergoes a sudden change, it is particularly important to pay attention to healthy lifestyles and nutrition. In the days of our grandmothers advised pregnant women to eat for two, but New research in the field of medicine has shown: it is enough to consume only 400 calories a day more. In the case of overeating being overweight can lead to poor health of future mothers and to the abnormal development baby. But the main thing here – not 'how' and 'what'. A healthy diet is essential for successful pregnancy: it ensures proper fetal development and reduces the risk of various complications. If the doctor does not advise you any 'Special' diet designed just for you, feel free to follow our advice about nutrition.

Pregnant women need about 1,500 mg of calcium daily – do not forget it. Calcium is actively involved in development of the skeleton kid, and adequate calcium intake will save a woman from possible problems with the bone. So if you want to keep your teeth healthy and bones strong, turn into the diet of foods rich in calcium: soy cheese "tofu", salmon, green leafy vegetables (lettuce) and dairy products. Another Nemenov important moment in the diet of pregnant women – need for iron, which has beneficial effects on blood composition. Iron is found in fish, poultry, eggs and cereals. However, the absorption of iron by the body is slow, therefore, for better and quicker assimilation of some parallel vrchi advised to take special supplements, even better – while eating.

Also promotes better absorption of iron foods rich in vitamin C. Folic acid is also very important for fetal growth. Consumption of 400 micrograms of folic acid daily can prevent more than 70% of the possible congenital defects of the embryo. Dark green vegetables, oranges, corn, beans, lean meat and liver are rich in folic acid, in any case affect the pregnancy is positive, but in the case of an acute shortage of doctors prescribe folic acid as a food supplement. Pregnant women are not encouraged to limit your diet: try not to skip meals and eat as much as is necessary for optimal weight gain. Distribute meals evenly, so that the level of sugar in the blood kept at the level of rates – no sharp changes in direction of decreasing or increasing. Eat a little, but more often. Diversify your diet seafood: fish, shrimp, seaweed Iodine and magnesium contained in them, are necessary for normal fetal development. Drink plenty of water to its level in your body and the body of the child. Water povyshet elasticity of the skin, helps prevent it from sagging, so quite soposobna insure you from the 'stretch' during pregnancy. In addition to everything, plenty of drink – one of the best means to combat constipation and varicose veins. Avoid eating undercooked meat and underdone ocean fish, because it may contain high levels of mercury. Do not overdo it with sweets. Elevated blood sugar can develop in a child predisposition to diabetes. Following these simple principles of healthy eating, you're already doing a great contribution to the development of the fetus and the future health of their offspring. Proper nutrition – and a healthy mother will be born healthy baby!

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There are many benefits of meditation for the mind. People who practice meditation and often claim to do so that it clears the mind and helps to concentrate better, some other people say that meditation also can reduce anxiety and reduce the risk of a possible phobia that is being developed. Meditation also provides assistance to the mind in order to control better the anger, frustration and impatience, helping that person might be more patient and relaxed mentally, making feel more tranquil and happy. Many people who practice meditation assert that do help maintain a better control of the conscious mind. The stress relief is said to be one of the many benefits of meditation for the mind. A person can feel stressed by any number of things, but thanks to meditation, it is possible that the stress caused by work and daily routine can decrease considerably. It is also possible that you worry about your health.

In fact, a person can worry about everything, from the price of food and the leak in your bathroom, until the State of the economy and the possibility of a war. Meditation says it can help people so they can have a more focused state mentally and put aside the concerns, i.e., feel more relaxed and at peace. There is a book called science and mind, in which, the author exposes that meditation can help each person can maintain a much more controlled state of the conscious mind, so it cannot fall in situations of stress and anguish. Better concentration is often one of the benefits of meditation on the mind. For example, a person’s mind often feels confused with day to day problems, and concentration may be affected.

Many people claim that meditation helps you clear your mind and find it easier to focus on the things that are really important to them. For example, if a person is having a difficult moment, thanks to the meditation of mind, you can generate a State in the conscious mind which will keep a better state of life. There are many methods of meditation by which programmes can be the conscious mind to maintain a healthy mental state, simply advise well by an expert in order to get the best results. Source: Benefits of meditation on the mind

Are they 100 times smarter? IMPOSSIBLE! A study from Stanford University in California showed that humans only use on average 2% or their potential. So that most of us came into this world with a tool kit and we die without releasing 98% of the tools. Carrie Levin often expresses his thoughts on the topic. There are many studies that prove it, so we are clear that no one is using one-tenth of its potential The most studied topic in recent times is the success! And now the success is quite predictable, but nevertheless is quite the success disqualifies thinking that is linked to people with more talent, ability, intelligence, contacts, education, appearance, etc. At Harvard have been several studies on the success and concluded that 85% of the most successful people are those with a positive and constructive attitude. The formula we have defined to determine the human potential is: Natas + Skills Acquired Skills and Attitude = human potential the three elements of human potential, the only one who can change from day to day is: ATTITUDE! And with that double or triple your potential studies are clear and give us the pattern of what we can all achieve. Think carefully how you want it this year 2010 for you and your family.

Another year of hardship, scarcity, limitations, no time for you? There are no coincidences, but if the causalities, know it. It’s amazing how many dreams have died and are dying every day just for lack of the necessary attitude, and most people have the potential to live their dreams, but just give up and stop dreaming limited to live your life in frustration. As if it were only that their only option. Never surrender, you will fall many times and you are allowed but you are forced to get up. It is amazing how many people face problems getting sad and retreating into themselves. That you should never do, you keep your mind awake to their full potential Available for solving the challenges that will arise.

If a problem has a solution, look and if you do not have to worry, analyzes the situation and change what you have to change. Responsible Attitude! We are experiencing an intense period with large changes and where for the first time in history thanks to the power of the Internet all that it really intends to have the ability to turn their dreams into reality. Internet offers a world of possibilities and now more than ever it is possible to generate good income from the comfort of your home, it is clear that any chance the results will depend on you and how seriously you take your business. “With that attitude accounts? So if you think you have the attitude to learn, to force you to work, be certain to score your goals, not to stop at nothing, to change your life and your family, be happy. I encourage you to set out on your home business, you get to be surprised what you can achieve. The Internet will be remembered over time as that meteorite that killed the dinosaurs!

Breast cancer and herbology China by acupuncture-Comunitaria.Org herbal Chinese medicine in the treatment of Cancer of chest the herbology in the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is globally used both as a complementary therapy as therapy main and only in the treatment of various types of cancer. Many compounds and the Chinese Pharmacopoeia magistral formulae have been widely studied. However, still some studies about that formulas, herbs and dosage are most effective are lacking. Although there is more than enough evidence among practitioners of TCM to recommend these therapies, not so among Western doctors. Also needed more studies on the implications of using Western medicine in conjunction with the MTC. age&q=Patrick%20Dollard%20Center%20for%20Discovery&f=false’>Patrick Dollard The Center for Discovery to increase your knowledge. In the study presented here researchers of Integrative Medicine Unit at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (unit of medicine Integral of the Central doctor Sourasky Tel Aviv) in Israel studied the effects of herbal treatments in breast cancer cells in vitro.

Three different types of cells, were used namely: MDA-231, MDA-453, and T47D, which were exposed Chinese herbal medicine powder for 72 hours. Different methods to control anti carcinogenic effects of herbs were used. The researchers found that treatment with Chinese herbal medicine increased apoptosis (death) of cancerous cells, which is an indicator of measurable anti carcinogenic activity. Because of these positive results, nowadays are taking place studies on the use of Chinese herbal medicine in conjunction with chemotherapy to find out if the overall clinical results can be improved. A herb Ban Zhi Lian, in particular, is in process of being approved by the FDA (Ministry of health of the United States of America) as an experimental treatment in level IV metastatic breast cancer. Although there is still much to study on how best to combine both medicines, the Outlook is very positive.

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After what happened on Monday, the dollar appears that is beginning to gain ground again. After record lows against the euro of 1.3720, and against the pound at 1.5350, the U.S. currency, he developed an upward trend during the previous day. Only the yen seems to be able to do a currency against the dollar in importance since reached 95.15 against the U.S. currency.

The big question now is whether standing this upward trend will continue. Yesterday the dollar trend was influenced by the negative data of Retail Sales that were released at 12:30 GMT. Retail sales fell 0.4%, below official estimates. Consequently, many investors away from risky positions, and returned to the dollars, for the purpose of securing their investment portfolios. Should this trend continue to be defined in large part to publications and events of today. To this day awaiting a variety of economic data, but only two of them will impact heavily on the market.

Namely, the Producer Price Index (PPI) which will be released at 12:30 GMT will be a key indicator because it measures the level of inflation. This indicator has an inverse relationship with the consumer spending. The other indicator to cause a stir is the Unemployment Claims, and it is estimated that unemployment benefits will be increase from previous figures. If the results were negative for both publications, we could see the continuation of the uptrend. A goal in the 1.3300 against the euro might be possible. EUR – The euro gave after risk aversion Yesterday, the euro suffered great pressure, as it fell against most currencies.

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Recreate, naturally, the sound of a live performance or the sound produced in a studio is probably the paradigm of many hi-fi enthusiasts. Most of them invested sums of money on expensive audio equipment that promise a better and more realistic listening experience. But beyond the technical specifications and quality of each component separately, the sound you hear is the result of the series connection of all elements of the audio chain. So if the goal is a more natural and realistic sound What part of this chain must give greater importance and allocate more resources? Is there a critical element in this chain that can strongly affect the final sound we perceive? I believe that most audiophiles do not analyze these questions in an objective and are seduced by advertising, design and technical specifications of any of these components, without a glimpse of the final sound is the result of the whole and that each stage chain must be consistent with others in quality and performance. NMMU has much to offer in this field. The sound you hear will sound as good as the weakest element of this chain. In simplified form we can identify three stages in the chain of sound: the input signal (typically a CD player), the power amp (preamp + power amp or integrated amp) and finally the stage of electrical signal transduction alternating sound waves: the system speakers (or headphones). Some basic technical concepts that are present in the specifications of these computers and allow for comparisons are: frequency response, signal to noise ratio (S / R), total harmonic distortion (THD), power rating and efficiency. .

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Now stand still even less smoking in establishments in the rain no butts bin Company Ltd is one of the largest, leading international manufacturer and supplier of products for efficient operation in companies, authorities, and public facilities. NBB offers world-class solutions for smoking in establishments. From the simple Stan ashtray to smoking pavilions in many sizes and designs. Also combinations of bicycle and smoking shelters are available as solution space-saving. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Wells Fargo by clicking through. All smoking pavilions by NBB be painted on request in all RAL colours. Jane Fraser may also support this cause. Plus for companies that place value on a perfect corporate image, because the smoking pavilions by NBB can be supplied in in the respective company colours. Jeremy Tucker: the source for more info. So they integrate perfectly in the corporate environment. Smoking pavilions by NBB are the perfect solution to effectively regulate smoking in businesses, because smoking is shifting to the outdoor area and thus valuable saved space in buildings.

Even you’re looking for smoking and thus dirt traps Thus belong to the past and to optimise the cleaning cost. The perfect weather protection ensures high acceptance among employees and reduce costly downtime. NBB smoking pavilions are absolutely maintenance-free and long-lasting. The special clear copolymer acrylic sheets offer perfect weather protection, are unbreakable and provide unobstructed view. The pavilions are blue and green in the standard colors of black, available, as well as on request in all RAL colours.

Delivered, the pavilions are flat packed self building, including a detailed assembly instructions. In the new online shop is now even easier to order on at NBB No. butts Company Ltd. – am equipment for efficient facility management.

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Be Happy What is happiness? Happiness is defined by the dictionary as “A state of mind that delights in the possession of the property. Satisfaction, happy, happy .- Supernatural. It consists in full possession of Di-I through its direct contemplation, to which we intended. “But what really is, is he a moment, is he a motive?, Can be a steady state? . Wells Fargo contains valuable tech resources. The happiness for which we fight is an inner feeling of joy that accompanies you throughout your life. It is a feeling of happiness that covers your fellows in the world and everything about your spiritual life. The real joy is a precious treasure that must be distinguished from the cheerful indifference resulting from taking life usually in a light and devoid of seriousness.

The joy is considered beautiful is not rooted in frivolous but in an inner serenity. Official site: Jane Fraser. This is a positive attitude, zest for life, but at the same time aware of its seriousness and the difficult challenges assigned by the Almighty. (From the Wisdom of Mishle) generally seek happiness in the wrong place, because its origin is not outside us but within ourselves. Most still waiting for someone, or fate bring us happiness, not realizing that it is within one, which depends on our own potential that often totally or partially unknown. We are not always willing to face truth, much less change or responsibilities. We tend to blame others for our problems, our unhappiness before assuming the position to follow. A comment we often hear: “Do not fix anything, he is still stubborn in its position.”

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How Does EPA Work? Although the benefits of high grade EPA have been well documented, the scientific community still do not know exactly how EPA works on the brain, one theory released by Dr Basant Puri is to facilitate the passage of signals in the small holes in the brain called synapses. Another theory was that high grade EPA actually worked similar to lithium and antidepressant properties of its own. Until recently it was widely accepted in the medical community that once a human reached maturity that the adult brain could not grow in a recent article just published by Dr Puri his findings show other wise. Dr Puri scanned 21 patients a year before trying to start with a high pure grade Epa, after the course of treatment will be rescanned the young man only to find that the gray matter of the brain had increased in size. Omega 3 EPA and the Council and the EPA So it's very good to help balance mood it has other well documented effects on the body, these include: -? Thinning properties of blood? Reducing the risk of attack heart? Decreased growth rate of atherosclerotic plaque? Slightly lower blood pressure There is also some limited scientific evidence to show that the high quality EPA has helped people suffering from: -? Bipolar disorder? PMS? Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME? Huntington's disease? Fibromyalgia? Obsessive-compulsive disorder? Schizophrenia? ADHD? Add Although more research needs to be done in these areas, the current evidence looks very promising. EPA Versus DHA Omega 3 fish oil contains other nutrients called omega-3 fatty acids DHA, is currently a controversial argument as to which omega 3 nutrient is the most beneficial in the treatment of depression and related disorders. This argument is born from doctors who have used high grade Epa, Horribin, Puri and Peet argue that the greater the proportion of EPA to DHA more effective the results have been recently Dr Andrew Stoll has also come out in support this theory. EPA Food Any good doctor or nutritionist will tell you that the best way to get any nutrient is to eat a well balanced diet of the correct amount of carbohydrates, protein and omega essential fatty acids.

In the case of Omega 3 EPA would be in the form of fish, unfortunately, due to high concentration levels of EPA needed to obtain a therapeutic dose would have to consume a large amount of oily fish daily and sadly due to contamination levels found in the oceans today this is not advisable. Omega 3 EPA are also found in high doses in certain fish oil supplements, when choosing a fish oil supplement you should choose only the fish oil of high quality but must also have as high an EPA with the DHA possible, the maximum therapeutic effect. Conclusion The vast majority of the paths of high scientific quality, using Omega 3 Ethyl Epa point towards this natural oil is very beneficial for many conditions. The argument about rabies in DHA and probably until some solid scientific evidence presented to us. In eltiempo, a product with a high proportion of EPA DHA is considered more beneficial by some leading practitioners in the UK. The Author Jane Stewart: A great resource for high omega-3 fatty acids EPA Ethly with a 90% concentrate of EPA and Zero DHA visit Jane Stewart

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Everyone has a friend or acquaintance who works in an office. Any business today can not perform most tasks without a computer since. Like any home computer, a post office computer or office requires proper equipment and regular maintenance as such and the functions it performs. A company can not lose time due to a computer error, we know that time is money and more in these cases. This is where comes in for service.

A good support can not lose a single minute to tackle a problem, failure resolution times the company would hire another technical support do not lose money. For this invention the remote control support (remote computer repair.) Today most companies hire computer companies support and all use the service by remote control. The advantages are many: 1. The principal is the time, is an immediate connection. You save valuable time, there is no professional need to travel to the place where you are with your computer. At Apple you will find additional information. We must not “be lucky” that the coach is near your home or business to get as soon as possible. 2.

There is a cost savings. Avoiding the costs of moving and handling equipment is avoided with the attendant risk that this implies. 3. Comfort. You have to get up from your seat to see how your computer is repaired, sometimes within minutes. Otherwise it would have meant losing several days. 4. Among others, the ability to see in situ which actions are carried out to repair the problem. That is an added advantage that will benefit you in the future, as it can get to be yourself / who learn to solve this same error occur again thereafter. If you are interested in receiving more information I invite you to visit my website:.

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