Wool Pets

Before you buy a vacuum cleaner, you need to determine what you need – low noise and compact vacuum cleaner or a high capacity. Vacuum cleaner with a 300W power can effectively be used for cleaning of parquet, linoulemov, carpet tracks low pile. Vacuum cleaners with capacity from 300W to 450W required for cleaning heavily soiled areas – Wool Pets, Persian carpets, etc. Modern models of vacuum cleaners have a handy feature – switch power, which allows you to select the optimal mode of vacuum cleaners depending on the contamination of the cleaning area. Also do not forget that the suction power decreases after the filter clogging and filling Dust.

How to choose a bag for a vacuum cleaner is very much dust and dirt collects in the bag, the rest is deposited on filters. That is why the device depends on dust collection efficiency of dust and convenience Use a vacuum cleaner. In most conventional vacuum cleaners dust from the carpet is going to . They come in paper (disposable) and tissue (constant). Paper bags better tissue, because collect much better fine dust.

But about a month they should be discarded. Cloth bags are recommended in cases of lack of paper. Cloth bags are characterized by a small performance and often cause rapid clogging of additional filters. Hence, the paper bags are comfortable and allow effective cleaning, but they are quickly running out. Conclusion – buying a vacuum cleaner for the house to one that allows you to work with both types of Bags – vacuum cleaners such models now abound. In large models of vacuum cleaner dust bags can be in a special container. In this case, the dust is straying into a tight ball, which is then easily thrown out. This solves problem with the change of bags and is a plus. However, before choosing a cyclone-type vacuum cleaner, remember that a special container to collect dust and resonates because it increases the noise level. Also, the availability of container increases the size and clumsiness cleaner. We hope that this site will help you choose a vacuum cleaner to fight for the purity of the house. Every year, domestic appliances for cleaning and improving all the harder to make the right choice. On our site you can find relevant and valuable information on choosing a vacuum cleaner on the types and models, specifications, pricing, and various articles.

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