Wake Days

Thompson, makes notice that the Mayan wise people " they conceived the time like something without principle nor aim, which did possible to project calculations about moments moved away in the past without never reaching a departure point " as example of it we have two important and astronomical dates in the wakes of Quirigu. The Wake F in which there is an inscription that speaks of 91.683.630 years and wake D of the same place that ahau mentions 7 date, 3 MGP: about 400.000,000 of years back. For the compression of the calendrico system on the different creations, it is precise to locate us in the theocratic and scientific context of the Mayans; as Miguel Leon Porthole calls " The observers of cielo" , since they constructed his science starting off of zero and without apparatuses like now, observing movement of the stars. The Wayeb" , aside from being ritual dates and of sacrifices, they were of general observance. According to the Father Moor " another way of months had of a 20 days, to which they call Uinal Hunekch; of these it had whole year 18, but the five days and six hours. Of these six hours a day was made every four years, and thus they had of four in four years the year of 366 days. In order to celebrate solemnity of New Year, this people, with more rejoicing and more with dignity, according to his desventurada opinion, took five days ill-fated (wayeb) that they had by such before the day first of their new year and in them they were in very great service to the Bacabes and finished to these services and celebrations, and sent of himself, as we see, the demon, began its year nuevo". Up to here what it said Moor. At the moment, in the Mayan communities the observance of the Mayan calendar is conserved, but due to more than five hundred years of separation of the old culture, like the cultural languages and other elements, the New Year is not celebrated in all the communities, and if it becomes, it does not agree in the same dates.

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