Now, being a hardware store in the “vacuum cleaners”, we can choose a variety of models of these indispensable assistants housewives. Large and small, movable on wheels and portable, designed for wet and dry vacuum cleaners modern thought out and constructed with the latest developments, so that the cleaning of the house was as simple as possible and even enjoyable. And, looking at one of the new models, for example, Electrolux or Miele, we can hardly imagine that once to transport the machine for cleaning carpets needed a van, moved by two horses. “Fyrchaschy Billy” and the first water vacuum cleaner is exactly what was in distant 1901, when British engineer Hubert Booth invented and presented to the housewives’ Fyrchaschego Billy, running on gasoline. Unit with a pump capacity of five horsepower parked at the curb, and carpets designed for cleaning, carried out. But it was forty years after the very first attempts to mechanize the process of removing the dust. In 1860, the American Daniel Hess received a patent for a mechanical device, equipped with rotating brushes and fur to create air flow.

What is interesting, as the bag used two water chambers for the deposition of dust. Later this idea has been widely used to create models of water- filter, but since it took many decades. Nine years after the invention of a device Hess Yves Makkafi of Chicago introduced a machine called Whirlwind, reminiscent of a modern vacuum cleaner “tower” type. Motor fans are driven by hand, which was pretty tiring, even for those days.

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