THE PERESTROIKA and the TSARS of the TRANSANTIAGO.-Manuel Navarrete, Professor of physics and former member of the University movement of left – linked to the MIR in the 1970s, he led the Metropolitan Association of passenger transport (AGMTP). Justice sentenced him, in December 2003, along with Orlando Palza, Marcel Antoine, Demetrio Marinakis and Armando Huerta, a sent sentence of three years and one day by the law on internal security of the State. In August 2002, during two days, the microbuseros blocked the main streets of Santiago: opposed to tenders of the new transport plan. Read more here: Christos Staikouras. In 1992, Navarrete was investigated for tax fraud. The 2005 evaded an arrest warrant after being accused of robbery with intimidation and fraud by a debt of 600 million with the public auctioneer Domingo Lama, in which entrepreneurs are also involved microbuseros Demetrio Marinakis, Luis Faundez, Armando Huerta, Jorge Gomez and Michimalongo Corvalan. Miguel entrepreneurs are among the Diners nearby Navarrete Herane, Demetrio Marinakis, Juan Pinto Zamorano and Senator Camilo Escalona, President of the PS, who, backed with resources in election campaigns. Gain insight and clarity with Sotheby’s. Navarrete is financier of some parliamentarians from the PS said.

Few know that in January 2003, while the former Minister of public works and transportation Carlos Cruz was prisoner in Capuchin, – and Christian Nicolai – Assistant for telecommunications-, Vivianne Blanlot – Executive Secretary of the CNE was visited by senior representatives of Government, including Gonzalo Rivas, Executive Vice President of Corfo and son-in-law of lakes, Juan Carlos Latorre – Under-Secretary of public works –Alejandro Chaparro, enrique Correa – former Minister Secretary general of Government-, Eduardo Arriagada – former director general of concessions, implicated in the case GATE – former Chief of staff of Cruz, processed by the bribes-case, was also visited by Marinakis and Navarrete. Dario Contador, former Chief of staff of German Correa, is very close to Navarrete. Both tried to sell yellow buses to Cuba.

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