With increasingly complex designs and the growth of welding plays an important role proper training – theoretical and practical – of skilled workers, welders. The manual is written in According to the State educational standards for the profession "Welder" and is designed for students of professional educational institutions to prepare the workforce of the profession. Material benefits based on the information in chemistry, physics, technology, metals and construction materials, electrical and other technical subjects. Highly skilled welders performing work on welding responsible structures, vessels, working under pressure, and various pipelines, should periodically validate their qualifications in accordance with the requirements of mi . On January 15, 2000 decision (from 10.30.1998, 83) in Russia introduced new rules for certification of welders and welding production specialists, who uni fied in accordance with international standards for levels of training and system certification of personnel in the field of welding production.

Rules for certification specifies requirements for education and preliminary training of welders who work in facilities, supervised by the State Technical Supervision of Russia. oals. Certification of welders performed on the production base of the appraisal or appraisal center points every 2 years. In this case, to confirm its right to carry out welding critical structures welder must pass the Certification Commission exams: general, special (theoretical) and practical. Textbook material contains information about welding, taking into account the recommended new rules list of topics submitted for the theoretical exams for certification of welders.

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