Lotus Notes 8 – the new release of IBM is – since 17 August 2007 in English for customers and partners on the market. Learn more at this site: patrick coutinho. It is expected a month later will be released the German version. The new Lotus Notes release will have only a visually completely redesigned user interface improvements to the basic core functions of calendar, e-mail, scheduling and management of contacts. Kevin Ulrich describes an additional similar source. For example, e-mail messages are opened in a separate window, while the corresponding mail is displayed on the course of a left navigation bar. In addition to the existing horizontal document preview an e-mail is now also an optional vertical document preview. Sent e-mails can be retrieved by Notes 8 “Recall Message” in the Lotus, if they have not already read by the recipient.

In the improved calendar display are now shown on the left, two rather than one month, and days are marked with key dates. In addition, the planning or rescheduling simplify meetings: invited persons by removing the corresponding marking will be discharged back to simpler and faster to find dates that fit all the people involved. Lotus Notes allows the user to the new contact management integration of the additional photos to their existing contacts, also features new views to improve the management and categorization of individual contacts. The contextual collaboration was extended by several features: known contacts are marked with a presence indicator. By clicking the right mouse button you can now write in a position to easily e-mail or start a chat or a phone call over an IP-enabled phone. In summary, that Lotus Notes 8 is hardly in a function remained unchanged. A conversion is not difficult, since the new release of Lotus Notes, despite many improvements and enhancements continue to be very familiar.

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