To my view, here was where the Cup broke! Nor I myself imagined me the reaction that the netizens and Internet associations would have when it tried to increase the tribute. The society is unpredictable and as well as they could organize their protest also could have overlooked the intentions of those who legislate; Perhaps the above reasoning was based on the belief that Internet users are mostly young and that these, characterized by its apathy and their lack of participation in political affairs, nor would be by aware; However the House fell to them, or as they say in the corner, the canton fell. Social unrest throughout This climate of crisis is latent; wanting to increase the tax to a service that loves people, is a delicate mistake that politicians will now have to compensate, as if a nerve of society had touched, immediately arose a without number protest that one can count several tens per minute in the portal,. The idea that Internet serves as a tool for democracy or that this is a democratizing medium are highlights. The Internet through their social networks seems to gradually acquire a strength against the oligarchy of the Government. For that reason the political class can not close the doors to a world that surpasses his understanding and which can obtain great benefits and by Fortune-yet is corrupting away.

Phenomena of social movements via the internet are definitely care, for these protests cannot be need to close streets or make excesses; It is based on freedom of expression, is peaceful and is exempt from brutal repressions, grenadiers and tear-gas. Generates a new form of protest, to which every citizen is entitled; you don’t have dark interests nor does it need selfish personalities; represents the citizen himself, is public and has globalized truly amazing scope-. In the end, the last word the Senate – is it only they know if they take the risk-, in the week that begins we will know its decision; for me it doesn’t matter so much the fact nor the arguments justifying the increase to tax, although I am sure that an effective fundraising would be better, I think that the wealth that provides us the social event that gives rise to this virtual protest, has greater significance than the tax issue.

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