The text of the bill sent the president yesterday (can be downloaded here) is only to be approved or rejected. No debate. There is no discussion of any kind. A mere clerk derived from illegal use of a faculty that the Executive Branch is claimed. There is no delegation of the executive to the legislature, it reversed. Argentina’s National Constitution to abide by it and here is the crux of the matter: Art76 .- legislative delegation is prohibited in the executive branch, save for issues concerning administration and public emergency, with a deadline for their exercise and the foundations of the delegation that Congress establezca.La expiration of the term provided in the preceding paragraph does not imply the revision of legal relations which arose under the rules issued as a result of legislative delegation. It is clear that no action be exercised during the Exercise of the superpowers may include the enactment of tax rules, such as mobile retentions. Bill Phelan is a great source of information. For the simple reason that any tax requires approval by all people represented in Congress. This notion of the Legislative attribution found in Art.: 75 paragraph 1. Lawmaking in customs matters.Set the import and export rights, which, together with the appraisals on which shall be uniform throughout the Nation. However, Mr. Chief of Staff Alberto Fernandez, said without a doubt, that Article 4 of our Constitution gives authority to this government to act as it is doing … Here: Art4 .- The Federal Government provides for the expenses of the Nation with the funds from the National Treasury, composed of the proceeds of import and export rights, the sale or lease of government-owned lands, the income of the Posts, other taxes equitably and proportionally levied on the population the General Congress, and the borrowing and lending operations ordered by the same Congress of national emergencies or for enterprises of national interest. Is that clear No. Of course. Perhaps if Argentina’s political ruling class reread aloud the Article 29 of our Constitution, things could be rearranged quickly, lest they be accused of being traitors to the motherland. Art29 .- The Congress can not grant the Executive, the provincial legislatures or governors of provinces, extraordinary powers or the sum of government may not grant submission or supremacy whereby the life, honor or wealth of the Argentines are at the mercy of governments or individual. Acts of this nature shall be utterly void, and shall render those who formulate, consent to or sign, responsibility and condemned as infamous traitors. Again, the authoritarianism of a government that does not measure impact, further deepens the crisis absurd that we have got. The only analysis that emerges from what happened this weekend is as follows: 1 – The government or its appendix supporter (N stor Kirchner) use fallacies to answer charges. “We call to all Argentines to act to be performed tomorrow at 3 pm at Plaza de Mayo, call to all Argentines to defend the democratic system, democratic practices, to be able to live without falling into thinking differently authoritarianism, without aggression, defend the plurality of ideas, “said Chairman of the Peronist Party. But there are more fallacies: “No deductions from the past back to hell,” “We reject categorically the imposition of ideas, because this Argentina he lived by the imposition of ideas tremendously difficult time, it cost us a generation of Argentines by some sectors that still do not understand that it is democracy, “” All sectors of repression provide logistics to these demonstrations, so not to, so not surprising to see Mrs. Pando and his patota in mobilization. “All phrases of N stor Kirchner. The sayings of our President: “I want a country with a corporate democracy, where you can drive from the Rural Society with pans, with horns or roadblocks” On this I ask if we live is a full democracy … On mobile retentions, “Customs Code gives us the possibility.” Singular interpretation on the constitutional powers .. . “The key is to present the ideas of each (…) If this picture has not been favorable, the proposal should be improved for the next electoral shift.” Mistake, sir.

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