Another very important factor that the companies they have that to come back its attentions it is I publish with regard to it to be reached. Today the attentions are with regard to the new young consumer who is globalizado and connected in the Internet. Research points that the more young she is the lesser customer is its level of satisfaction. Since it was born in a society that offers many options. The satisfaction of the customer does not depend only on the attendance received in the company, but also on the commitment and product quality of the company in delivering the waked up one in the stated period.

Some situations take off to the patience of the customer. As the delay in the service of attendance to the consumer (SAC), or to the lines in establishments with few attendants and the bureaucracy. At last, situations as these happen every day, thus making with that the companies lose the allegiance of its customers 1 IMPORTANCE OF the RENDERING OF SERVICES the rendering of services to the customer grow large-scale, for the fact of the more similar products to be each time in reason to the access for the companies to the new available technologies in the market. Ahead of this situation, the prices become similar and the consuming one starts to be the part key in this process for having some options. The companies to be obtained to conquer and to keep customers, need to establish its differentials to use strategical plans and this also will be the value to be added to offers of its services.

The customers are very demanding, and to take care of it is necessary to know I publish better it to reach. One becomes necessary, therefore, to also rethink the strategy of traditionally practised commercialization, searching bigger productivity and performance in the attendance. The customer for having many options of choice, opts to the company who supplies optimum attendance to it through the price, of the stated period, term of payment, product quality of delivery and other item.

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