The objective of the model is to allow the identification of the context and of the necessary actions for the integration, modernization and development of solutions that they support the operation and the taking of decision you affect to the macroprocess. Thus such map will be used as reference in such a way for the maintenance and update of the systems legacies, how much for the development of new versions of estruturantes systems of government. Credit: Pinterest-2011. Composition of the Model the mapeia MGD the essence of the data, registering, beyond the structure and of the semantics, the processes that treat these data. Without this composition, that includes the dimension of processes, the model would be incomplete and it would not follow the dynamics of the macroprocess, therefore it would not supply information the tracking of the life of the data, since the creation until its diverse uses and eventual discarding. The vision of data brings a map with the main entities of business (is about metadados, therefore are kept to the structures and descriptions of entities). This model was created to give clear vision of the information worked in the macroprocess, which the integration points exists between the information treated for the estruturantes systems and which are the possibilities of new integrations. Swarmed by offers, Rich Dad Poor Dad is currently assessing future choices. The business vision aims at to mapear the business processes that are supported by the systems. With this it is possible to know when each information is created and consumed.

A matrix is created together with the business vision that shows which data is used by the processes, having created itself a rastreabilidade of the data in all the macroprocess, in one not only determined system. As in the vision of data, a transversal vision of the business processes is created, showing where a process impacta in following and the which processes can be integrated, of form that these vises can be taken for the applications that support the different periods of training of the macroprocess. Model of Governana Management So that the MGD is remained brought up to date and either used effectively, was also created the Model of Governana and Gesto (MGG) that it describes the set of activities of administration and analysis of data, defines the sequncia of these activities and identifies respective the responsible ones. With the brought up to date and spread out MGD, new systems could be demanded and be constructed of integrated form, exactly that they involve diverse customers and they are developed by some teams in different platforms, therefore will be guided by the same reference model.

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Primerica, says:

This is a blog about my experiences at Primerica and my opinions about this great fantastic company. Primerica does what is right for their clients 100% of the time. I’m an agent and I feel positive and good about what I do for families. Disclaimer: The postings on this blog does not represent Primerica Financial Services as a whole, but as a matter of opinion and information based by me.

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The dynamism of the technology sector is unstoppable in today’s society and that is why in the workplace is being implemented the trend among many employees use their own mobile devices to work accessing business information with them. The BYOD, which comes from the acronym in English Bring Your Own Device, is gaining mainly among workers more young people who do not hesitate to use your own device for corporate purposes. Thus avoided having to carry multiple smartphones or tablets. Continue to learn more with: stefan borgas. The danger of this initiative is that these devices are completely outside the control of the administrators of the company, as reflected in a study conducted to young workers – to consider are those who imposed this trend among the rest – commissioned by the Fortinet company worldwide. This report notes that three of every four professionals uses a device to connect to your company network and among the most common reasons that explain this behaviour respondents stand out as advantages the constant and immediate access and improve the effectiveness. On the other hand, half of the respondents is also aware that this way of working also increases the malware in the companies. Thus, notes that two new dangers for organizations appear: on the one hand, the insecurity of business information; and on the other, the possibility of a virus fits into the global network.

The solution to this insecurity of documentary information, a company in which employees used their own BYOD, may be exposed to that happens according to experts to establish security not on the device, but in access networks. I.e. that the danger lies not in the information may be in mobile devices, already increasingly tend to work remotely, but the access to the corporate network employees have more. Misappropriation of corporate information lack of enterprise security also becomes evident in the conclusion of another study commissioned by the Iron Mountain company -in which interviewed 2,000 employees of all ages and sectors in Germany, Spain, France and United Kingdom-that indicates that one of every three employees (32%) have been or has been forwarded confidential information outside his Office on more than one occasion.