Her eyes looked cold as the sea and the Tagus silent desert. Leafy branches in the funeral procession: the wood is hard and red as the fruit: Its green flowers, like a bouquet. Dreadfully lost in the city. Oh Mary, holy virgin finally my spirit I guess … Oh Mary, holy virgin blood … what walk? As if he had dyed his shadow in Assyrian poison, like white wool purple.

IV. I have no charity. Rain is that the temple is on. Will the young Count lit inside, ready presbytery: exorcist, acolyte and . It has the power to support the worthy and exercises between dead: Aguedita, Nativa, Miguel … careful, be careful about going out there, where they have just passed whining bending memoir penalties, to the silent yard: Cesar, Samuel …

slackers art and industry, not vagueis of soul to soul, feigning poverty, stealing artifacts. No soul in soul hawking ashes. Be careful, be careful about going out there lesson psalm than disappointment. As if Lisbon was home most holy and merciful. As if, Lisbon. V. “Do you know how many of mine burned? In Pskov, Novgorod …. ” A painful disease, the young Count. Miraculous way this fall, dressed as color was noble, humble and honest. Certainly devout person, hearing the divine office in Sanguine habit. There was no doctor or medication-nor natural philosophy, nor physics, nor art of astrology, which had a cure for this disease. Called the young count’s death and said: sweet, sweet death, come to me, now I’m wearing your color. As if the sea had only graves belly and Lisbon. As if nothing were in the odor of olive leaf.

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Lecture on the problems of identity in modern society have read Ph.D., Professor, Head of Sociology Department of Dnepropetrovsk State University Victor G. Gorodyanenko (Ukraine). One of the most recent performances were the doctor of economic sciences, the first deputy general director of the National Center for living Olga Ivanovna Menshikov, doctor of economic sciences, deputy director general of the Research Institute of Labor and Social Security Alexander Alexandrovich Razumov. Genuine interest participants of the school led by the Deputy Director General for Research of the Research Institute of Labour and Social Insurance Valentine Dementievich Roik. Each day, students took participate in round table discussions, master classes, free debates, seminars and workshops, thesis to be submitted to brainstorm. The program of the second module was not less busy.

Theme development family and youth policy in the economic crisis proved to be highly relevant for the audience. Deputy Head of the Research Center challenges incomes and consumer budgets population National Center for Living Standards Aleftina A. Gulyugina read a lecture on the methodology and practice the standard of living of the Russian population from the perspective of family welfare. Value and vitality strategies of today's youth has devoted his speech the head of research projects, the National Center for Public Opinion Research Julia M. Baskakov. The theme of social protection, government support for family and motherhood turned head of the Sociological Service RSSU Svetlana Varlamov. Senior Fellow, Center for Population Studies, Moscow State University. MV Lomonosov Moscow State University Valery Elizarov assessed the current state, performance, problems and prospects of demographic and family policy in Russia. In addition to fascinating discussions, roundtables, workshops and master classes the second module, students participated in a workshop on organizing and conducting applied research on family and youth. At the end of the All-Russian Scientific School participants will RSCU evidence of short-term professional development, as well as the opportunity to publish the best work in scientific journals, approved HAC RF.

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