Does this sound familiar: books are bought, read, and then add up the shelves. One regiment, the second, now a cabinet packed with books … problem. Some solve this problem is simple – tolerate books in the entrance, where they dismantled the neighbors. And if books have any value? As they say, and it is difficult to store and throw a pity … Then there is another option – to hand over these books in secondhand shops.

Is better. So you can at least partially receive a refund on the book. And if real second-hand can not take any book, the virtual (which already exists in runet quite a lot) there are no restrictions – you can add any book and wait for it to find a buyer. But there is still and such books that are not suffer, even secondhand. Surely they must be based on a "dead weight"? More recently, this could be answered, "Alas, yes …" but now we say a firm "no". No, no book now would be useless to gather dust on shelves if we use the established "Universal Book system." Her goal – to give new life to each (!) Your book.

Think the book quite unnecessary – no problems, can it be anyone present. Do you want to sell – it is easy, the site work as usual antiquarian bookstore. And if the book is valuable, and you do not want to part with it forever – well, then you can change it to another, at the time of return. As you can see – all functions are now combined in one place. No need to upload lists of books in dozens of forums and bulletin boards. Enough to do it once on our site books.

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