Hello how are you I am Luis Flores and this time I’ll talk about the tool versatile WordPress for your business by Internet and it is necessary to have a platform that will help you to maximize the potential of your online business, this to have a professional image to your readers and that’s why since the creation of content management systems to come to revolutionize the interaction with people viewing your business online and becoming the future clients. This platform is WordPress there are two versions of the WordPress.com platform and the platform of WordPress.org now by this time use wordpress.org platform for our business online and this is with your own server, one of the main features of wordpress.org: WordPress is free WordPress can find you free on the server and the server recommended is Hostgator. But there are also others that you can find on the net as I.E., that is totally free to be on the membership you have to install WordPress. For even more opinions, read materials from Wells Fargo Bank. WordPress has to be installed by the server you are (in your own internet hosting) and this is very easy to just simply give a few click and ready WordPress information is stored in your own hosting service. With WordPress everytime you do a post, an article, a page, everytime you add images, videos and multimedia files everytime you add content and much more all this is recorded in your own hosting in your hosting and this service is that all the information on your own server very. WordPress URL is your direccion.com this is that your web address is your name is your address for example would be juan.com or if your business is concerning health products, then your address would be productosdesalud.com this is because you have your domain with its own server and is not the same to a server that is in the company say a free blog with Enterprise Server would be juan.blogspot.com or juan.wordpress.com, and these are domain names with the company’s server.

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