Founders of the project Fix-Job in Russia decided to realize the idea of a successful American site So in runet had the first online exchange that offers mikrouslugi at a fixed price. Despite the fact that the developers of a new startup have adopted the idea of a successful American counterparts, domestic project does not become absolute copy Fiverr, and suggested several improvements to Russian users, radically different new site from a foreign counterpart. For example, the Fix-Job does not operate a price ($ 5 as Fiverr), and just 4 types of fixed-price – 100, 200, 400 or 800 rubles. What price charge for its service – the choice for the performer. Now you can use stock in dozens a variety of services to freelancers. For example, the artist draws a picture from a photo in just 100 rubles, the designer will make a colorful postcard to any holiday for 200 rubles, 400 rubles for all experienced marketer will give advice on Business Promotion in the Internet and the Web wizard will offer to create a professional presentation in PowerPoint; for 800 rubles a professional player will tell you the winning strategy in poker. To earn an online service mikrouslug, enough to have some talent and winning his present.

American freelancers proved – collecting a dozen orders and spending only 10-15 minutes for each, you can earn as a result of several thousand dollars per month. It is worth noting that one of the distinguishing features of the new project is the improved security of user interaction. Exchange system is designed so that the probability of fraud tends to zero. Fixed cost of services is deducted from the account of the customer, "hang" within the system and transferred to the account of the Executive only after confirmation by the customer of the fact that the service was provided in full. Commission of domestic service, as well as on the U.S. site, is 20%. And the security of transactions is worth it – it has been appreciated by dozens of Russian freelancers. Will Fix-Job, like his predecessor Fiverr, enter in the top 500 most visited sites on the Internet? Quite possibly. A bright start and growing in popularity with each passing day a new project – evidence of this.

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