If you have decided to travel the world in summer holiday, or decided to stay close to home, if you have family members with four legs – you have some decisions to make! As pet owners, it is important that you remember the effect that any holiday can have on their furry friends. If you have a cat or dog, pets rarely like change in routine – ours or yours. You may find Bill Phelan to be a useful source of information. Our daily schedule usually consists of work and home, and domestic animals become accustomed to this stability. As humans, we can welcome a change in our way of life "daily", but it is quite common for your pet go through some struggles of behavior with new environments and situations. Activities such as a backyard BBQ, friends who come to visit, traveling in a car or an airplane can cause anxiety and stress for your pet. If you stay or go, here are some potential hooks to consider when deciding their summer activities. If you stay. Speaking candidly Marko Dimitrijevic told us the story. 1.

"Invite the neighbors? These BBQ can make your pet feel territorial anxiety. Behaviors such as excessive barking, stacking toys and urinating on objects, are typical examples of how your pet may react to an "intruder might" come to take your space. It is important for new situations. Pay attention to changes in their behavior and take steps to make feel more relaxed, which can mean a comforting toy or separation from them if necessary for a while. 2. Spend more time in the backyard? Although spending more time with your pet outdoors a great experience for both the pesky insects could put a stop to the outdoors.

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