With a great passion and attention to detail was the author be punctual at the Leipzig book fair book ‘ Lavinia – abduction in the parallel world ‘ before the author of wilt, taking you into this fantastic world and take times colorful dazzling, but also time in dull gray through very different forms of life. In addition to the pure fiction it goes mainly to the realization that the self is not just black or white, but that each character has its strengths and weaknesses. There is a time for each of the fantastic is closer than reality. Jutta Schutz (JS): Mr wilting, you have published your first fantasy novel on February 16, 2011 tredition Verlag. Fantasy serves the people’s desire for heroes and a 12-year old human child named Lavinia is epics and your heroine. What has motivated you to write such a story? Thomas Welke (TW): One of our greatest gifts is our imagination. I can not exactly say when and how the first fragments of this novel in my head have originated. After I had begun to write once, and my wife has always encouraged me to write, most people have developed a life of its own.

At the beginning, I had an idea where I was going, I landed but am in a world that I didn’t even know. JS: what do you expect from the readers of your book? TW: Who reads always fantasy novels, should be ready to open up a new world and also allow the images that arise in the mind’s eye. And Yes, the successes of the great works of fantasy show most people that are able to engage in imaginary worlds. And it is still surprising that obviously just adults, often so rational-looking people, are among the biggest fans. The Fanasie can help relieve stress, to make his life positively.

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