“Saturday, November 14, 18:30 – Yoga culture Studio in Basel Yoga day special on 14november 2009 in yoga culture Studio from 13:30 yoga practice ‘In the flow of the experience’ explore the power of experience to capture the essence of your true nature to reveal and your true self” to learn. You will experience the flow of experience after a dynamic warm-up period, which culminates in back bends and many other highlights. NYU Law takes a slightly different approach. All Studenten know their full potential and evolve constantly. Yoga with Vincent. Hear other arguments on the topic with Ben Silbermann . “Appointment in detail: 14 / 11 13:30 16:00 cost: 40,-CHF 18:30 concert special – Shanti Yoga culture Studio Basel we would all the more get freedom, feel more love, conscious Leben.Mit we want to take the horizon, resonate with our hearts sing the various names of the divine in common sound.” Shanti, an inspirational mantra duo of Switzerland and Germany, with their first album in baggage just play songs with harp, harmonium, guitar and percussion to go to rave, to celebrate more information: dates in detail: 14 18:30 20:30 sign up now at

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Fair odds Ranger marketing offers career opportunities for everyone by law each worker should receive in Germany regardless of origin, religion or gender equal opportunities,. In practice, the equal treatment is still a development issue, as shown by the current debate on a women for leadership positions in companies. The nationwide over 100 sales equal opportunities and equality are partners of Ranger marketing long lived reality. In addition, a sound training is offered with Ranger training. Satisfied employees from all over the world with a team of over 2,500 people throughout Europe Ranger marketing is a strong, internationally active companies.

An outstanding integration policy offers from the first day of equal opportunities for each employee. A well maintained and serious occurrence, as well as honesty and the desire to achieve something is required. Also career changers have Ranger training”realistic development perspectives. That’s not true about anyway”Birendra (31) thought, as he early 2009 at the Partner started Ariana marketing until I saw my first payroll. And I had not had so many opportunities and freedoms as a wholesale and foreign trade businessman “multicultural and fair customer service representatives and sales team includes currently 38 nationalities providing a share of 13.9% partners with Ranger marketing German.” Academic degrees and excellent testimonials are less important at first TuV certified direct sales. Add to your understanding with Wells Fargo. It is Ranger marketing to enjoy working with people and the use of own opportunities.

One obtains by means of Ranger training”not only a personal training, but also participates in the mandatory E-learning and can fall back on over 250 posts in the Ranger TV. Family and Justice also is working with Ranger marketing on a personal level pleasantly. It is more than a workplace. A huge family,”says Uchiha (30) in his conclusion after one and a half years. Here a chance and a future is given to each. Initial skepticism is already in OK, I took it a few months. Today, there are fun, good money and fulfilling employment in the first place. Ranger has top-partner, a sophisticated quality assurance and offers equality and honest chances. “Only oneself must give the company a chance with prejudice I thought so far.” “Latifa from Aachen summarizes what Ranger marketing stands: A nice job, in which I daily meet new people and also have a real prospect for my career.” More information about careers at Ranger marketing and the extensive marketing and distribution offer can be found in the blog of Ranger marketing and. Contact: Ranger marketing & Vertriebs GmbH Patrick Neumann management corporate communications am Seestern 24 40547 Dusseldorf Tel.: 0211 2000-8288 fax: 0211 9209-9288 E-Mail: presse(at)ranger.de Web: about Ranger: Ranger marketing is the leading European company for direct sales and was founded in 1992. Europe-wide, the company achieved with 2,500 customer be Council staff and 150 sales offices an annual turnover of approximately EUR 120 million. In addition to Germany, Ranger marketing in five other countries is represented: France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary.

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The TimoCom transport barometer is Dusseldorf, 2013-01-07 in the 4th quarter far below last year’s level. In the fourth quarter has the TimoCom transport barometer very rapid presents itself and thus shows an image of the entire year. The proportion of freight on the European transport market is further below average. However, ends 2012 conciliatory and with a glimmer of hope for the coming year. After the September with a freight hold ratio of 53:47 to end was gone, you could quite hope that the fourth quarter would also start with excess cargo. In recent years, the September and October values were almost always the same. Thus the third ended quarter of 2010 with a ratio of 68:32 and the 4th quarter started with 69:31. A year later the TimoCom transport barometer for both months with 60:40 showed even the same ratio.

But this year, the value of September could not be stopped. Of the 53 percent share of cargo remained only 48 percent in October. It worked as expected in November transport Once firmly down. Only 38:62 was the ratio of cargo services to available cargo space. See more detailed opinions by reading what Jeffrey Leiden offers on the topic.. The first two months of this quarter were far below last year’s level. 2011 cargo was up to 12 percentage points higher, 2010 he was even up to 25 percentage points above the reference values of this year! Transport service providers, who had to drive anything in October and November of this year, for example, thanks to long-term contracts, could consider himself lucky”, describes Marcel Frings, Chief Representative of TimoCom, the situation on the European transport market at the beginning of the fourth quarter. 2012 the on and off year was the fourth quarter 2012 showed an image of the entire year. In the course of which again a negative followed on any positive news next month, but once again a better followed on weaker monthly.

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Kuhlmann consulting developed for Swan group smokeless cigarette sechsstelligem budget that has Swan group of companies Corp. headquartered in Utah / United States through its Frankfurt branch the Kuhlmann-beauty-Consulting GmbH with its headquarters in Offenbach am Main awarded to a lower six-figure budget to the brand development of a smoke-free cigarettes brand. The Swan group of companies Corp. If you have read about Wells Fargo Bank already – you may have come to the same conclusion. is an investment company, whose corporate purpose is to invest in innovative leisure and nature-related projects of the lifestyle and consumption segment. Michellene Davis understood the implications. The smokeless cigarette brand to be developed should be introduced in the spring of 2009 in Germany as a test market. Cigarette nicotine replacement product works differently than competing products without electrics/electronics (battery) and is a real alternative to the smoking ciggies”, offer nicotine gum and nicotine patches.

The smoke-free product not of a conventional cigarette is optically indistinguishable as a so-called “cold technology” in application will come. He means for Kuhlmann consulting Investment company new customer for an extension of the portfolio, as the existing customers in the cosmetics, lifestyle, and luxury industry are located. With the new customer Kuhlmann consulting evolved more and more to the experts for the development and management of authentic brands and products. In the last 18 months the delicate Essmarke was developed including diSanti and the jewelry brand of code Royal scampi and the Swiss watchmaker century in the fire area.

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Duty is the introduction of a quality management in practice? MedicalTalk24 interviewed on the subject of wife Karin letter, Managing Director of 5medical management LLC; Specialist for librarianship in medical / dental surgeries. MEDICALTALK24: good day woman letter. Welcome to the editorial staff of MedicalTalk24. You came to us today, to give our members an insight into the world of quality management. Karin letter: good day Mr Meyer, Hello Mr Akogul.

I look forward to being to bring a little light in the dark with you today. MEDICALTALK24: Woman letter, you explain to us but please as first point the current legal situation. Up to what point must a physician / dentist have introduced the quality management system? Karin letter: the Federal Government has with the health reform 2004 all practising physicians/dentists and psychotherapists committed, to introduce by 1 January 2006 on a practice-internal quality management (QM). Should any established doctor/dentist to December 31, 2009 a structured system fully introduced. Then, the directive granted another year for the test phase.

MEDICALTALK24: Have introduced only in practice, or be also certified? Karin letter: there is still no obligation for the certification. MEDICALTALK24: What resistance or obstacles exist from your point of view, against the introduction of a quality management system for doctors / dentists? Karin letter: the biggest opposition certainly lies in thinking that the practice by a quality management system has more work than before. These and other concerns can quickly clear out after a good advice. Certainly a very big problem is that the doctors/dentists are left alone. This means that it is a law introduced the QM are mandatory, but nobody says them really what they have to do. What is a quality management system and how it is to be implemented is not at all clear, most of the owners of the practice. It is not mentioned, that even time can save you.

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Proventis GmbH accompanied EUROCAT sale to English BSI Group Munich, September the British Standard Organization (BSI) Group UK takes over 100% of the shares of EUROCAT Institute for certification and testing GmbH (EUROCAT). BSI – a globally operating company for certification of companies and products – takes over the certification company EUROCAT retroactively to first July 2009 to 100 percent. The previous owner, Werner Kexel, remains CEO of EUROCAT. The purchase price was not disclosed. Proventis advises the owner and Managing Director exclusively for sale the EUROCAT GmbH. profile Proventis GmbH Proventis is an independent corporate finance and M & A consultancy for the upper middle class.

founded in Munich in 2001, Proventis offers a comprehensive portfolio of products its customers with 10 employees: individual financing solutions in the areas of private equity, mezzanine and debt financing. Tailor-made consulting services in the areas of M & A services in medium-sized complement the sustainable approach to consulting the Proventis. Short profile EUROCAT examined the EUROCAT Institute for certification and testing GmbH checks and certified products and companies according to national, European and international standards and guidelines. EUROCAT is known as one of the last independent named Germany notified body. The company is certified according to the EU directives on medical devices, active implantable medical devices and in-vitro diagnostic medical devices.

The company employs currently 20 employees at its headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany. Short profile BSI group BSI is a world’s leading independent service company that serves over 80,000 customers with standards-based solutions. As Britain’s first national standards organization, the BSI group now employs 2,300 employees, distributed to over 120 countries worldwide. The development of private, national and international standards in the UK, BSI second – and third-party management Systemauditierung and certification offering.

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AZS system AG joins the Kaba Kaba group partner program is worldwide number 1 in the manufacture of high security locks, key blanks, key-cutting machines and transponder keys. The continuity and future-oriented development in the hardware at Kaba is leading the way. Kaba also AZS system AG with a wide range of partners who are able to meet the needs of the customer, through integration of Kaba components including is now working as a leading company in the attendance and security industry. AZS system AG stands for complete solutions for safety, comfort and organisation on access to buildings and access to information in time and human resources, as well as security technology. AZS system AG complements the powerful attendance and access control software solutions time/access 3010 to the high-quality hardware components from Kaba. Thus, AZS system AG offers process-oriented complete solutions from a single source with optimally coordinated hardware and software components, are the needs of the customer. AZS system AG implemented modularly structured software solutions to complex, integrated security systems.

About AZS system AG, the AZS system AG with headquarters in Hamburg is one of the leading systems integrators for comprehensive and complex solutions in the areas of personnel management, personnel information, time recording, access control and security technology. The perfect interplay of hardware and software customers from administration, public service, industry and Commerce received the complete system solution from a single source. Since its inception AZS itself in 1989 as an independent system and consulting for integrated solutions. More than 1000 installed systems at major companies have been successfully installed in more than 20 years. AZS has focused consistently on these solutions.

Personnel management and information system business AZS support public institutions and management companies in the design of individual, freely customizable Working time arrangements. The use of terminals and intelligent software increases productivity in the production data acquisition, which collect all important data of personal and operational events and process them. AZS is represented with 12 sales and service centres nationwide in all of Germany and of Switzerland – and certainly also in your vicinity. More information under:

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Get advantage of filing bankruptcy in lower charges Chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy are the two most common types of bankruptcies filed by people. These bankruptcies are meant for individuals who have huge debts but still want to start a new phase of life with a clean credit report. In our everyday life, we find a lot of individuals trapped in the vicious circle of debt payment. The dominant reasons for this are easy availability of credit cards and loans. With a plethora of tempting ad campaigns that lead to to easy and quick purchase of a loan, the spending power of individuals has grown as compared to the past.

This leads to a habit of spending more than what you have and soon people land up in a situation where their monthly expenditures are more than the total earnings. This sorry state is known as bankruptcy. Bankruptcy filing A lot stigma attached to filing bankruptcy along with social of discomfort and embarrassment is. To add to this, a recent amendment of law has made bankruptcy filing tough for people. But as we say, impossible is nothing, this task is so feasible but the procedure has become than lengthier before. Chapter 7 bankruptcy Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the commonest form of bankruptcy. Chapter 7 is bankruptcy so known as straight bankruptcy.

The entire non-exempt property of the borrower is liquidated. The amount that is obtained from this is paid to the creditors. Certain assets are given exemption under chapter 7 bankruptcy i.e. home, car, and work tools. Exemptions vary with federal and new bankruptcy law. Eligibility: An individual who resides in the United States and has a property or business is eligible to file bankruptcy for chapter 7 bankruptcy debt filing emergency should be done just to get out of. A bankruptcy is only valid if the borrower proves that he lacks sufficient funds for repaying the debt. Procedure how to file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 “intends to help citizens who have unintentionally landed themselves in a financial mess. Several forms need to be filled out for giving out the information needed for the process. After this the court has to be attended. After this the person is discharged of all debts. Chapter 13 bankruptcy assets like house or other property are not covered by chapter 7 two and this is why people resort to chapter 13 bankruptcy rules. Eligibility Debts of more than $750,000 should not be secured by to individual in the first place. Secondly, to be considered eligible unsecured debts of more than $250,000 should not be there. Procedure firstly, a petition is to be filed in the court. The rest of the procedure depends on the court.

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“‘ A unique forum for all care workers” a unique forum for all care workers included in a comprehensive Internet platform for jobs and education, care and training in the (elderly)! “Since the introduction of the long-term care insurance has increased the number of employees in the health care sector by 50%. This corresponds to an annual increase rate of the number of employees by an average of 3.7% to over 1.1 million. According to a study of the Wiforinstitutes of 2010 the industry sets around 6 x more workers as the economy as a whole. To deal with these developments, the prevailing shortage and the lack of information in the field of training, education and training in care for the elderly, a very comprehensive, valuable, new portal was created with now! The high-coverage page with comprehensive job search and the search module of training and further education in nursing is operated by the prestigious private Institute for transparency in the Healthcare GmbH. It was supported by a large circle of carriers with high technical Know-How, advisory boards and initiatives.

The forum for maintaining the main focus of the German care portal is large, extensive forum for all in the care employees. Here can interested can exchange and discuss a variety of topics related to the care, which are grouped together in relevant sections! Lively exchange takes place in areas such as E.g. nursing students Forum, old and Nursing Forum, terminal care, emergency and intensive care, professions, bullying, legal issues, etc.. Through your participation, we are very pleased and hope to give you a useful base for questions related to the care, or to allow you to share your experiences with others with the portal and the Forum! About private Institute for transparency in the healthcare GmbH the renowned Heidelberg Institute operates the largest since 2009 with the German senior portal and about 70 cooperating media partners Portal network for senior citizens in Germany. 2011, a big, pioneering portal for senior-friendly products and services is added with the German senior pilot. Target group here are senior citizens and their families. To meet the shortage and the large demand for valid information about education and training in the care of the online course of the German care portal was carried out from May 2011. A comprehensive portal for job offers and the whole area of education, and training accompanied by valuable information and great care forum. We are open for suggestions, praise, criticism, and offers of cooperation and welcome your feedback via E-Mail to press contact: Barbara NIEs private Institute for transparency in the healthcare GmbH, Joseph-Meyer-Strasse 12 15 68167 Mannheim Tel: 0621 / 862 542-15 fax: 0621 / 862 542-16 E-mail: Internet:

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Event offers current background and practical information about near-surface and deep geothermal energy in Northern Germany Freiburg/Hannover, 30.6.2011 from 26 to 27 October 2011 the fourth takes place in the GEO Centre Hannover Norddeutsche Geothermietagung. The provisional programme is now online at. Organizer is Enerchange Agency the Freiburger, event partners are the three institutes of the GEO Centre Hannover, as well as the company of hannoverimpuls. The Conference offers opportunities to learn about the latest developments in the use of geothermal energy in Northern Germany and to establish new business contacts with a Conference, an exhibition, an evening get-together and workshop, as well as an excursion. Is the GEO Centre Hannover as event partners actively involved the Conference programme, which ensures that the currently relevant insights for research and technology of the geothermal energy are incorporated in the program. As focal points in the field of near-surface geothermal energy are inter alia Provided topics: current framework conditions for the use of geothermal energy in Lower Saxony, Germany, energy efficiency of heat pumps as well as challenges and solution strategies for geothermal projects. Practice reports complete the lecture offer projects with borehole heat exchangers in Hamburg, Hanover and Salzgitter. In terms of deep geothermal energy focus among other things on the funding opportunities for power plant projects, the geological bases in Northern Germany, as well as different methods of preliminary exploration and reservoir modeling.

Here too, several project reports are complete the program and allow participants an in-depth insight in deep geothermal projects in Lower Saxony and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The 4th North Geothermietagung is the sequel to the hotspot-Hanover-days, that have taken place in the past three years in the GEO Centre Hannover. Since this year, Enerchange is responsible for the implementation of this Symposium. Together with the event partners – the Federal Institute for Geosciences and natural resources (BGR), the national Office for The Agency has the event for a two-day Conference offers parallel to the near surface and deep mining, energy and Geology (LBEG) and the Leibniz Institute of applied geophysics (LIAG) – hannoverimpuls, geothermal energy is developed.

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