Holders of labour of Spain and Romania meet to study how to implement the plan. Nor will affect workers on their own or to those who are already in Spain. The work permit requirement to Romanians who want to come to Spain will not affect self-employed workers, or those who are already in the country, nor to those who are unemployed and earn the unemployment subsidy. Leaders from both countries have met on Thursday to study how to implement the Spanish decision to revive the moratorium on Romanian workers that was lifted in January 2009 to allow the free movement of workers. Thus, the Spanish Minister Valeriano Gomez has arisen that the evolution of the Spanish economy and the strong growth of the Romanian community established in Spain – that has happened in five years from 200,000 to 860,000 people–has made it necessary to try to regulate the volume and intensity of the entry of Romanians. 30% Of Romanians in Spain are unemployed According to Gomez, 30 percent of Romanian workers being held in Spain are in a situation of unemployment and the arrival of more people looking for work would only worsen the situation.

Both Gomez and his counterpart Sebastian Lazaroiu have repeatedly stressed the fact that Romanians who currently are paid unemployment in Spain have collaborated for years with his work to Social Security. Even in these times of crisis, there are nearly 300,000 Romanians who traded every month, every day, and we are grateful and we recognize that function, has highlighted the Spanish Minister, who pointed out that the Romanians are the first group of foreigners by number of contributors to Social Security. Gomez has also calculated that the requirement of work permit for Romanian workers self-employed will remain a few years, although it has insured that the decision will be reviewed annually in the light of the evolution of the Spanish labour market and waiting for employment to take new impulse in Spain. In addition, he has stressed that for work permit to a Romanian who has an employment contract in Spain will be granted regardless of the national employment situation.