Business with greater projection to the future since the 90s, we have been gradually leaving to go to the store, the store comes to us. The marketing person to person, marketing networks or Network Marketing is a form of direct selling: is the creation of a network through which products or services are sold. It is the process of people who speak to other people of a product or a serviced, and bring these products or served directly to the consumer. The distribution channel for direct sales, marketing person to person, marketing networks or Network Marketing, unfolds through people who invite others to participate in the business. For this reason, distributors receive a percentage of sales (commissions or royalties) of other people in a direct and effective manner. Direct sale carries with it the potential for significant economic rewards to those individuals who learn how to create this kind of distribution system. A dealer starts to become a shop, and has the potential to build many shops, as a franchise without limits. Why major corporations such as MCI, US Sprint, Coca Cola, Colgate Palmolive, Gillette, Avon and Fuller Brush, among many others, take part in marketing by networks? According to an article in Success magazine of March 1992, written by Valerie Free, entitled Magic Marketing (Marketing Magic), many major corporations are discovering that the person marketing person is a powerful and affordable approach to accumulate market share.

Network Marketing refers to direct sales through a network. Network marketing is a multi-level sales compensation plan. Sometimes the terms are used interchangeably. Today there are millions of people involved in direct selling, which, according to the Association of sales Directas (DSA for its acronym in English) set in motion some 12 billion dollars annually in products only in the United States. Within its membership, the DSA has 150 companies and recognizes approximately 5.1 million sellers.

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In this sense, I think that we must be educated, proactive and professional, but not canning us and give samples of what we aren’t, being insincere, hypocrites, deceivers, fingidores and comedians. True that although la mona vista de seda, mona is It remains (see post sincere estimation), but, metaphorically speaking, an excessive makeup, a few learned manners and a few well chosen angles can delay greatly detection of monkey that we carry inside, losing time and money. In terms of what there or not it must be said in an interview, wide is Castile. In my case, I believe that activities such as the Shepherd of sheep or pigs porquero, serve me today to understand organisational approaches and to propose solutions. For example, in those times, I liked to observe the behaviour of the animal in herd or single; their reactions, their emotions, their role in nature; or when Christmas came, and some pigs, the chosen ones, were sacrificed in the ritual of killing my brain and my heart Frolics in a deep emotional dispute that lasted days, by more cogotazos that my brother gave me to get me out of this self-absorption, reflection and children’s sadness.

Yes, the cycle of life, I know. What I want to express with those specific examples is that in my regards, everything has influenced positively than I am today, at the professional level, he is understood, and it has allowed me a source of knowledge and experience, increasingly wider, that sometimes I turn as a tactic and an additional resource in the analysis of business issues and decision-making. Finally, the couple that I like to remember my roots, I consider them an important part of my work background..