Wild West

And as the time comes to withdraw money from the account of the Elaeagnus entogo (which, like a fool, staring at 0.00001 USD per site) banyat. Since … the rules of the system are. That there yet, cash bonuses? Yes, when registrirueshsya in any regular scam, give a bonus … 10 cents. Pull out, then, the truth, much more! To live as a must for those who invented this system and those who brought them into zhist ours interrunetovskuyu! However, such systems are everywhere, because human nature exists. Just have all this grotesque, space, and requires a broad Russian soul.

And protchaya, protchaya, protchaya! And nowhere to complain, heck, a virtual space, without borders and laws. Hope – on themselves! In general, you are nothing do not like? And I really – the times of the Wild West! By the way, who do not remember what happened then there is a link, read. Thus, start a business on the internet it seems that just came to the Wild West days, however, adjusted for time. Still, 21 per yard. Okay, go ahead.

If you do not give up dude, matured and … begins to teach others. Where better do something and then something where donors do not be thrown, and tells us how vparim Lohamei regular business package to all … who have registered on his refferalnoy link! Or else, their business packages stamps, what with some other Share! Tell me you do not like … gold rush in Alaska? Klondike, so to speak …? "So far, no one believed that there is gold in Alaska, someone of his mined. Someone quietly become rich, because he accidentally found gold. And when news spread about all over America, tens of thousands of fools rushed to Alaska to look for gold. But while the gold was washed pioneers, it was a lot. And when there came running up tens of thousands, it just disappeared. But those who came here first to "spud" suckers, sorry, beginners, teaching them to mine gold. For a lot of money, of course! "Source here. Thus, the "advanced" dude who calls himself a businessman, the Internet simply "spud suckers" sorry, teaches beginners to very good money. All kind of personal, as in the gold rush to the Klondike River. How many more times will go enti, nobody knows. However, I think all ustakanilos. Grow these business Internet activists who are building their wealth on the development of knowledge-based economy, rather than oblaposhivanii suckers the novice a couple of dollars. Or tens of dollars … This is even now, at least remember the Lebedev from ours. About the founders of Google and I can not speak. Simply, the laws, attitudes and partnership will take on the Internet an entirely different character when the benefit of both partners. The only way to build a large, stable and running long-term Internet business. Civilized! It may not look for the mythical gold, and bring benefit to each other? Real good! Although, maybe I'm just dreaming?

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