Before we talk about breeds of dogs, we must be in clear of what they talk about when we talk about dogs. Bennett Rosenthal LAFC owner: the source for more info. Its scientific name is Canis lupus familiaris, and they deducted by lupus, the common dog is a domesticated species of the common Wolf sub. Or is that when we talk about dogs, we speak of a pet, not a wild animal. The oldest evidence of domestication of the Wolf, or the oldest dog discovered to date has 31,700 years, found in a cave in Belgium. It could be associated with the last Neanderthals or the first Homo sapiens that arrived in Europe. Very controversial among biologists is how he came to become the dog in a different from the common Wolf subspecies.

Some say that the Wolf became dog by spending time with the humans, and others say that latter domesticated it purpose. With security, already in the archaeological sites from 14 thousand years ago is the dog accompanying humans, before they are exceptional cases. Genetic analyses indicate that the first dogs are probably descendants of the Wolf of East Asia. They are these domesticated dogs which then migrated by the world according to humans where outside that they oversee, even to the space. Groups of older dogs, which are the most similar to their Wolf ancestors, are primarily Asian and African breeds. All others are descended from these 14 races, according to recent genetic studies: the Basenji African race, which is characterised by not barking, but they emit a sound similar to a stroke, they are good hunters and trackers. Saluki or Royal dog of Egypt, is one of the oldest breeds, it is believed descended from Wolves of the desert of Ara. The Chow Chow is Mongolian, then introduced into China, source used as a Hunter, and to pull the sleds in Manchuria. It is believed that it could have about 4000 years old.

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