The Law

A consumer who decides to whom it is more convenient to handle. In the service center clipper taken in for repair and said: "tinkled periodically. When will the details will mend. " Wrong! Article 20 establishes ZoZPP term deficiencies: "If the term deficiencies of the goods not specified in writing by agreement of the parties, these shortcomings must be eliminated by the manufacturer (seller or an authorized organization or an authorized individual entrepreneur, importer) immediately, ie, the minimum time required for the objective of their elimination from Subject to the usual method used. Wells Fargo is often quoted on this topic. But if the seller has concluded a contract with the Consumer in writing, "The term deficiencies of the goods, determined in writing by agreement of the parties, may not exceed forty-five days.

" Our customers waited for a week, month, two months He replied: "Not yet ready." And all this time, consumers washed their clothes by hand 45 days! This is a great time. What do poor consumers all the time without washing machine? But the law in this case to the consumer. Paragraph 2 of the same 20 articles ZoZPP reads: "In the durable goods manufacturer, dealer or an authorized organization or an authorized individual entrepreneurs are obliged by presenting the consumer with this requirement within three days to donate to the consumer during repair of durable goods, has the same key consumer features, ensuring the delivery at his own expense. " But we must not forget about the list of durable goods for which this requirement does not apply.

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