Comes to us after Germany this trend? Crocs shoes, the trend in the United States. Everything began in the year 2001 as the crocs company brought the Bootschuh on the market. This shoe had a few special properties. One of the features was that these shoes were non-slip and could swim on the water. At the start of the crocs shoes came in 2001 only a few models on the market, but also with these few models noted very quickly that these Crocs shoes have started entered a trend. Official site: Payoneer. Crocs shoes were then very quickly the trend shoe on the U.S.

shoe market. Very quickly, was followed by more models and more colors. In the coming years, the crocs were sold shoes not only in the United States, but came to Europe. In the meantime, you can buy Crocs shoes in more than 90 countries. But even when the models Crocs brings new styles and colors on the market every six months. Now, you can choose models from more than 30 models and more than 30 different colors and combinations at the crocs.

On hand of these figures you can very quickly see that these Crocs could be interesting shoes certainly for you, because this huge selection a shoe for every taste is easily available. But not only online purchase Crocs shoes in the shop, but many dealers have also a shop where you can try out the models. Unfortunately, most Crocs specialist traders have only the top seller amongst the crocs shoes, Crocs Cayman so-called. In the shop will find but mostly all models! If you try a shoe by the company of crocs, no longer without you! Wear crocs shoes and your feet will thank you anyway!

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Matching to the approaching summer presents the jewellery channel magnificent and beautiful shimmering gold jewelry just now, with the first summer sun, gold jewelry is particularly well to the fore. In the light of the Sun, gold begins to sparkle and shine, and brings even more to the fore with the beauty of its wearer. Gold jewelry in addition to silver jewelry is a timeless jewelry, which is popular with all ages. Selected properly combined, he giving the finishing touch to any outfit. Hyundai often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Especially the gold jewelry of the jewellery channel distinguishes itself by its high quality and excellence, and is still available at affordable prices. This is possible due to the saving of middlemen, because the jewelry channel refers to his materials directly from the mine. Gold jewelry by the jewellery channel is first-class and diverse, as for example the gold chains of the jewellery channel. Long ago, there are not only gold chains for the neck, but also arm and anklets and even gold chains for the belly, which are very popular especially for young Schmuckbegeisterten.

Also in the design offers the jewelry channel the variety of gold chains; by long or short, over coarse or very fine up to adornment with pendants that are encrusted with precious jewels. Rings are no less popular than chains. Hardly a woman can resist a beautiful gold ring especially when he is occupied with noble and precious gemstones or diamonds. Therefore, a gold ring is the perfect gift or is very often used as engagement and wedding ring. Hardly a piece of jewelry is better to combine the different outfits and suits every occasion, no matter, if the wearer likes it rather simple or conspicuous.

A special side-effect is that gold rings can be combined with each other excellently. More information about gold jewelry and the latest jewelry trends, see. Press contact: The jewellery channel Germany GmbH k RT 3 40221 Dusseldorf Tel: 0211 93 00 611 fax: 0211 93 00 667 E-mail: about the jewellery channel Germany GmbH: Dusseldorf Jewellery channel Germany GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of the publicly traded parent company, vaibhav gems limited CF in India. Wholly owned factories in India, Thailand and China the jewellery channel in Germany and the jewelry channel in England and the United States make the jewelry exclusively for customers of their sales channels. The bidding at the auctions of jewelry is possible also via live stream on derschmuckkanal.

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PINSTYLE celebrated BBs with celebrity faces and shopping loving night owls the Vogue fashion night out in Berlin. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Pinterest by clicking through. “Berlin, 07 September 2012 – the motto of A global celebration of fashion” for the fourth time this year held the international shopping event Vogue fashion night out BBs. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Pinterest. Vogue as the initiator of the fashion BBs night out was pleased this year of 19 participating countries. In the biggest fashion capitals of the world had opened department stores and boutiques to the celebration of the day on the 6th or 7th September until midnight and surprised their customers with special offers. The PINSTYLE team was in Paris, London and of course Berlin as a fashion capital and headquarters of PINSTYLE, locally and was able to capture BBs all the highlights and the best looks of the Vogue fashion night out. Many fashionistas and faces from the fashion industry, including Vogue editor-in-Chief Christiane Arp, were the PINSTYLE team speech and answer style via their own personal.

The video for the Vogue fashion night out in Berlin BBs is here to see. More photos with impressions of the Events around the globe are finding pins/fashions-night-out on. How to contact with PINSTYLE GmbH Rosenstrasse 17 10178 Berlin Tel: + 49 30 28 09 97 30 fax: + 49 30 28 09 97 32 press contact: Jenny Autenrieb on PINSTYLE on PINSTYLE can be a virtual Lookbook favorite outfits, celebrities, styles, accessories, etc. collect and share with other users. Of course the user can pins of other users like and comment, and add users as favorite. So a private network can quickly build, from one every day on the new may inspired.

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Find fashion for thicker women and chubby people can buy there at the present time more and more, simply, because more and more extreme due to the modern lifestyle and the majority therefore either are extremely slim, or is extremely good. Just women feel but mostly everything else as well in their skin when they are slightly thicker than the norm, because the ideal today shows once slender women in skimpy looks which can be hardly worn if one has few pounds on the ribs. Accordingly hard ladies, the fashion for chubby have need it mostly to buy plump, which on the one hand, is modern, fits on the other side but also really good to your own body, so that you can feel comfortable in it and hide even a little weight. The right cuts and materials, where you must pay attention depending on your own problem areas on different things, to achieve the desired effect are the be-all and end-all, if you want to look thinner than it is actually. Best to take therefore once the time for really good advice, in which explained exactly can be, which cuts a even very well adapt to and what you should keep their hands rather. You know this, then you should specifically at party for fashion for chubby aimed at chubby people looking for beautiful things go, for this reason alone, because you have there most of the time, a much larger and better selection than in the normal trade. Here you can choose then fashionable and beautiful things, that really fit to your own body, and in which you will feel automatically much better, than in clothing that sits not so as you would like to have that and where one looks then probably even more stable, as it is actually, because also this can happen with the wrong cuts quite, if you not good care, what you choose.

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Swimwear can be very versatile and varied just like women, if they swim go look like as good and a good figure make no matter whether in the pool or on the beach,. So you really can this it’s a bit far on the right swimwear for women in one slim operates, which fits well with and conceals small problem zones. To do this, it is important not just to look at, how different the market has to offer, but also to know where are the own problem areas and how to they can disappear. Michael O’Brien has firm opinions on the matter. There are actually many different ways here especially in the area of the swimwear swimwear is there for women today in numerous variations, styles, colors and patterns, so that you can enter very individually to the own needs and desires? Man knows not quite so good in these things and know you therefore also not exactly, what you should be aware of all it is definitely useful, are once more the topic to deal with, is can to inform and to see what you all do. Here many information sites on the net help, you can consult but also in the trade of a professional or try quite simply many different models and see how different it looks in this. On this way you will find the matching bikini or swimsuit, where you then not only will look good, but also can feel comfortable, then actually also really for every character and every taste because that is very important, because the own optics a whole piece depends on far more whether man comfortable in his skin and there are accordingly confident. Additional information is available at Ares Management’s Bennett Rosenthal. Never forget this, it is possible in cases in which one never feels uncomfortable look as good as you want, while you stuff, comfortable to wear one are always also very different to the validity will come, even if these should maybe match not the ideal of the swimwear.

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Fleece sweaters are old and young alike popular just in the cold months, you want to have of course warm clothes, where you as comfortable as possible can have it, if it’s icy outside and one yet to outside must. Ideally, of course warm and soft fleece are sweaters, which are now both for women, and for men and of course for children in the trade to buy it. Of course you will find fleece sweaters in many different styles and colors, so that certainly suit all tastes the appropriate models are available, because you want to have indeed when warm things that can they here liked one of the optics and feel really comfortable in it. Fleece are now by far no longer just soft things convenient, but have also fashion a lot to offer, especially if you skillfully combining them and even some matching accessories in the game brings, through which you can more adjust its look to own wishes and needs. Warm fleece but must of course also correctly treated, keep it pleasant and soft, such as for the purchase. First of all it is important to wash the clothes never too hot and use a gentle detergent for this purpose, also you should take care as well as drying out that this gently and not too hot by outfit goes that fast and hot drying would attack the material and making sure that unsightly pilling is formed, that you also want to avoid, if you want to have his joy at things in the long run. Fleece to have sweaters and maintain is not quite so simple, as you might at first glance would think if you noticed some important basic rules, then you can not so much wrong here and make sure that one has always warm and soft stuff, where winter can come quietly.

Fleece sweater is there in many colors and various cuts. The sweaters are available for men, women and children. And the fleeces are even particularly for adolescents handy. Not only because of the aforementioned comfort and the robustness of the substance, but also because fleece is very easy to clean. Under most conditions Wells Fargo Bank would agree. Due to its nature, it is again very quick dry after washing.

You can buy fleece sweater in any clothing store. Here you get the especially thick fleece sweater”for outdoor use in particular in specific sports or outdoor stores. These sweaters are often even with various other functions like for example pockets. You get fleece sweater for everyday in every well-stocked clothing store.

Posted in News further while many companies stagnate and hard economic times contrary to see delay necessary investments, pursuing another way to success -. In difficult times, says managing director Frank Levita, it is necessary to uphold the vision. sees the crisis as an opportunity to break away from competing companies and to expand its market-leading position in the online shop for gifts & design products. A step forward for Frank Levita is doing the expansion of internationalization. While and eight associated brands stores already in the English language are available, the first brand store under a French domain was started now. A leading source for info: Wells Fargo Bank. First experiences with the French market are made under. To well on the foreign market with its practice to be able to adapt, a sales director based in France has been set. As soon as first experience could be gained, is with other Branded, as well the main shop and tighten them.

The focus of the future is yet not only for new customers and new markets, but also for the existing customers that are often neglected in the online business. has decided to provide its loyal customers added value, for the introduction of a bonus programme. As one of the first online stores now counts to the official partners of PAYBACK, Germany’s leading bonus system and among the ranks of prominent companies such as dm, Aral, and also WMF. The current iBusiness’ shows that managing director Frank Levita in such decisions have often had the right idea,-publication of the 100 of largest online shops in Germany. occupies an outstanding 90th place there and could get even 5th place of the fastest growing online stores by the rapid increase of in sales by 77% compared to the prior year.

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Kick-off for the sportswear collection of the legendary car brand in the McGregor Shop Berlin, 24.01.2011 – the international high fashion fashion brand McGregor its exclusive partnership with the rich and famous sports car brand Spyker continues: the new McGregor Spyker Squadron collection 2011 “pays tribute to the unparalleled successes that celebrated the Dutch exclusive brand Spyker in 1903 with the first all-wheel drive, 6-zylindrigem racing car in the world. This not only Spyker fans in the new leisure wear of the McGregor Spyker Squadron collection will be still the Spyker Squadron “racing car with their technological progress in competitions such as the 24-hour race of Le Mans in the fast lane in trendy ways. Because the exclusive McGregor Spyker Squadron collection 2011 “position has the pole in terms of quality, design and workmanship: whether McGregor Spyker washed leather and orange satin lining, hoodie jackets from carbonised, combed Jersey, McGregor rugby shirts in heavy Jersey with double collar and Quilted through inner yoke and ribbed cuffs, McGregor T-Shirts with finely printed front or Polo shirts of Pique, McGregor Popeline shirts in blue white, contrasting fabric, as well as accessories such as the exclusive McGregor Spyker Cap with 3D embroidery. “His noble shoe series Le Mans” and Monte Carlo“, has become McGregor particularly by the Spyker’s motto nulla tenaci invia est via” (no road is impassable for the stubborn), inspired. “” All of the pieces of the new McGregor Spyker Squadron collection carry fine viewings, applications and badging with the Spyker logo and lettering nulla tenaci invia est via “or 60 H.P.. Learn more about this with Ben Silbermann. Skyper” the Spyker racing cars with the 6-cylinder combustion engine, which was a milestone in the history of the automobile. His technological high-class 1907 successfully proved also Charles Goddard in his Spyker at the Peking to Paris race.

Spyker caused a great stir as in 2008, when the company bought the Swedish carmaker Saab. High fashion and high-performance of the new McGregor Spyker Squadron collection 2011 unite now in the McGregor online shop at, as well as in selected McGregor stores. In the McGregor online shop, lovers of the Anglo-American style and exclusive high quality fashion find all current collections of the brand for ladies, men and juniors. From the trendy sportswear line with Rugby up to fashionable cardigans, blazers, Polos, sweaters and blouses for women and an own junior collection. In addition, collection in the McGregor of E-store at is run the business and distinction line for men in the Italian style, as well as an own footwear and accessories.

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