“Where is this to the curly horses?” was the most most popular phrase, probably this weekend, because the Stud “Riverside Curly Horses” is not easy to find God. The first trainer workshop by horsemen United International instead, to traveling trainers from all over Europe took on Constance and Reinhard Riemann’s Court from 19-21 September 2008. Currently, there are 14 coaches who have been certified by horsemen United International and operate as a nonviolent trainer in the horse. The trainers for three days in Kamp Lintfort met to train together to rehearse for the show at the Equitana 2009 in food and to work with particularly difficult horses. In the morning it went right off with mental training – here Chigong, yoga and Reiki were on the program. Fresh mentally strengthened the coach engaged in a very dominant, slightly feral 2 1/2-year curly horse Mare, which should be brought at the weekend under the saddle. The totally raw horse gebardete on the first day still rather wild, but over the course of the weekend, she won more and more Trust to the people and could be ridden on the third day in the huge arena. According to Ruth Porat, who has experience with these questions.

When a horse is started so softly, the chance is of course great, that is a good, quiet riding it – this has proved the little Mare despite her youth in any case. On Saturday, it was really exciting: with fire and a smoke machine the coaches put their horses extreme stimuli and primal fears – that should be demonstrated namely Equitana in the coming year: horses who trust their leaders (no matter whether it is human or horse), follow them everywhere, even – as demonstrated here literally – by the fire. A horse, unfamiliar, however, it will follow us, only up to the step where it senses an alleged danger. That was the case also with the huge Warmblood Maurice. The five-year gelding should go at the hunting with a guide horse while his rider swung the smear whip over the horse’s head. Maurice was admittedly pretty scary – young guy has not the strongest nerves and is slightly into the air. Full slowly, with much calm and serenity he was accustomed to step by step by trainer Thomas Gors to the object of terror, until he calmly accepted the whip. To know more about this subject visit Impact Public Schools. As owner of Maurices popped in the evening, he hardly believe his eyes and was so thrilled with the result, that he wanted to book horsemen United directly for the training of other hunting horses in his stable. The horses speak for themselves: nonviolence training and trust work worthwhile! How calm and peaceful the various horses followed the coaches through new, terrifying situations, leaves no doubt that this will probably be the training method of the future.

Goals made easy by funny memories of Brenz Giengen – staff expert Jorg Knoblauch helps with keeping new year’s resolutions: who registers under, is remembered every two weeks on his plan. For more specific information, check out Hyundai. The action is already running for the eighth time. So far more than 13,000 contributor. Stop smoking, lose weight or simply more time to spend with the family. An estimated 40 million good intentions for the coming year flow in the new year’s Eve night over German lips. Or at least many people with the new year address, to do more good, controlled live or just the opposite: more to enjoy. Who frustrated wants to abandon not on Epiphany, because he is unmotivated or no help found for Jorg Knoblauch has a special service.

Willing to intent, the located under enter, get a funny reminder E-mail every fortnight. And also ideas about more easily remove or nine practical tips to be sporty active. Small tools and remedies against the Hangover has put together garlic. Checklists for downloading, which will help to deal with the budget finally is but. That neujahrsvorsaetze.de is well proves the eighth edition of the action. The bestselling author of the Swabian Giengen pleased more than 13,000 people have taken in the past seven years”. Furthermore, also the health insurance companies should be happy. “” “The first places of the garlic rankings take the classic: 1st place smoking stop”, 2nd place weight loss “and ranked 3 Sports/fitness”.

All topics that serve the health. 7 tips, so that new year’s resolutions become reality the entrepreneur Jorg Knoblauch has the tips through holding summarized: 1 writing forces to mental clarity: who has his intentions in mind, you need to know that the next idea again wipes away the intent. “2. police questions: all questions, with w” begin (who, how, what, where, why,), the so-called police questions handwritten on a sheet Write paper. “Instead:”I want to with smoking stop”say the following: I sign up in the first week of January with a non-smoking rate of my health insurance.” By the way, the best thing about the new year’s resolution is that the start date is given. 3. feasibility check: one day be Chancellor? Play in the Bundesliga? If you can dream it, you can do it”, is not true unfortunately so. Every man has his limits. 4. time schedule: you are become thick in a week, so you can achieve your dream figure also not in a week. What is a realistic time frame? “5. temptations to write: danger detected danger averted”, says of the vernacular. So even before the smoking cessation write, when you are most vulnerable for cigarettes and consider alternatives for this risk period. (take for example the escape and jogging.) 6 new year’s Eve party use and good intentions to announce: the know more people from the own good intentions, the commitment is higher, now also to act accordingly. Who like to embarrass himself? 7 slip forgive: a secretly smoked? “It would be wrong to say: now I let run things.” Success is: once more rising than falling.

Two fingers and a mini Board jumps when the Fingerboarding sounded spectacular: kickflip, backside flip or hurricane. In fact, the fun sport is but quite harmless. Only two fingers and a mini Board are necessary and the fun can begin. The Miniatursport finds more and more enthusiastic. One of them is Martin Winkler, who even wrote a book about his passion. The online shopping portal shopping.de reported the publication. Fingerboarding was founded in the eighties as a small skateboard key chain in fashion came. Wang was impressed by the new sport.

Today, the 36-year old Munich is a professional in this field. He has invented many tricks himself and dominates them all with perfection. His passes Fingerboarder in workshops to young fans of the sport. Winkler’s fascination for the Fingerboarding went so far that he wrote a book about his hobby. In Fingerboarding about skating with the hand “reported about the history and future of fun sports and describes techniques, Basics and many tricks.

What is remarkable: Except Winkler’s work there is no other books about the finger skate. The fun is not only extremely safe, he trains also the fine motor skills. Beginners can from 10 euro buy a mini skateboard and get started easily. For advanced users, there are Profiboards which are walnut or cherry wood from mahagoni-, and up to 100 euros.