Fashion in Japan and came to the Urals: Japanese housewives are buying fancy stuff for the interior, bookshops piled Murakami, and even major manufacturers are restructuring their Chelyabinsk plants in the Japanese way … And the sushi bars and Japanese restaurants are opened gradually to the place of habitual coffee with pancakes and pies. Number of establishments where you can enjoy Japanese food in Chelyabinsk, is already close to twenty, and almost half of them located within a radius of one kilometer – in the center of Chelyabinsk. According to research holding "Romir", now prefer Japanese food 16% of Russians. According to statistics, the main customers of these restaurants becoming a girl under 35. The older generation worked their more conservative habits. Men are more likely to prefer meat and adherents of Russian, Caucasian or European cuisine.

Nevertheless, 40% Cheliabinsk already tried Japanese cuisine, and many of them became regular visitors to the Japanese restaurants and sushi bars. In general, the demand for Japanese cuisine, according to most restaurateurs, is quite high, and decline in the near the future is going. "Japanese cuisine in Chelyabinsk, – says Olga Voronina, manager of the restaurant" Tokyo "- has acquired a fairly wide range of fans, patrons of restaurants, which are used to eating Japanese dishes and are not going to give them up. Therefore, there is no reason to predict decline in demand. " During that same love Japanese food? First, of course, it's a craze. "Japanese cuisine – said Vyacheslav Buinachev, Head Marketing of the restaurant "Okinawa" – is a kind of ritual, and exotic.

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