Here is a list of major federal site:. Use sites in two directions – and you will actively carry out the job search, and post your resume. Acquaintances, friends and so on. Tell everyone what you are looking for work. In fact, more than 80 percent of the vacancies is nowhere to be placed and closed with use of personal connections. Even if at this point they have nothing in mind, it would soon likely will.

Employment agencies – is also an excellent source of vacancies. Therefore, please send your resume to all available. A better print out a stack of resumes and browse through them. Talk to an expert – tell us what work you want to find. Learn about the available vacancies.

And do not forget to periodically remind myself. Own announcement finding a job. You can post your resume on the site, and a mini-resume in specialized newspapers. The efficiency of this method, you can easily check by calling one of these ads and just ask this. But your ad must be clear, short and informative. Otherwise no one will call. Employment Centre – you do not need to register. Access to the vacancies free of charge. You can come and write down what you interested, as well as submit their resumes. Job fairs, career days. Usually at such events are a large number of potential employers. Keep track of such events. Even if you do not find, you get more experience of interviews, which will come in handy at the right time.

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It is impossible to determine with what they want from life, attending interviews for which you wish to talk to the employer. The more you will have the interviews, the less you ‘ll understand – And what do you want to receive. The more scattered are your feelings, the worse will be the final decision.

It is important not the number of resumes sent out and passed the interviews. The challenge is to get invitation for the right job, not the maximum possible amount of work. . There is no more pathetic spectacle than the sight of fallen into depression, a person on the grounds that he was denied a job at a company where he did not going to get. No need to sell – buy! You can either buy yourself a job, or find themselves in the role of the purchased goods. If the new work will be for you a pacifier, “divorce” will be held for you much more painful than for the employer.

Therefore, we must approach the choice of “life companion” anxious than it does the employer. No need to sell – buy! Nothing is more impressive person conducting the interview as a candidate who knows exactly what she wants and why. No need to sell – buy! What exactly do you need to know about the work to be exactly sure of his happiness? Do not hesitate to ask questions. To make sure their thoughts, just check it out. No need to sell – buy! You’ll feel much more comfortable if you become respected people with whom to work: bosses, peers, subordinates and clients. You know who it is you love and respect? This is exactly the same people? No need to sell – buy! People do not care about your knowledge, as they do not know the extent of your worries. Enthusiasm and hard work, co sincere concern about his case, mean much more than the additional skills. Do not worry on the topic of whether you can handle their responsibilities: if a job you like, you’ll get along well with her. If zero interest in the work – or not deal with what conditions. No matter what you are strong, much more important – what you like. Do what you do not love – the most painful and senseless occupation. Especially if you have to do it every day for 8 hours. Any choice of work is associated with risk, so try to present their perceptions, if the choice turns out to be wrong. If you can say: “It’s okay in the end, the attempt – not torture,” settle for the job. If anything like that you can not say be able to – do not waste time in vain. Looking for something else. Remember, the main purpose of life – your own personal happiness and the happiness of your loved ones. No career or money will not give you that. All other goals (money, fame, status, achievement, responsibility) – only paths to happiness, and do not in themselves represent any value. Now, I’m sure with the attitude you have no problems. And the job of your dreams is not far off.

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