We have a company website, must know that Google + to is a fundamental tool to promote our business on the Internet. Will mention some guidelines for bringing your business to your customers: create a page of Google + as this tool promotes your website Google + as this tool create your profile to create a Google + page, you first need a personal profile on Google +. You can access using your Google account if you already have one. If you have none, create it, is very quick and easy. It starts now. Creates a page Google + allows users to obtain information about what interests most of your business: products, promotions, the schedule or anything that you want to share. Make sure that that information is up-to-date and easy to find in Google.

If your location is important, you could add a map to your Google + page that directs customers to the door of your business. Expand your circles each time that a user you add to their circles, you can add it you also, so spread your message and that the users you added is something fundamental to communicate with those your content are interested in that. In addition, you can get a Google + icon for your site here. Promote your page Google + Date to know there are many ways to promote your site and your Google page +. You can for example, do personally with direct connection of Google + and the logo of Google + or facilitate other users to recommend your business with the + 1 button. Logo of Google + let others know that you are here connecting your business web site to your page Google +. For this purpose, includes Google + logo on your site. A related site: Harold Ford, New York City mentions similar findings. The logo is a new format for the + 1 button that connects your site to your page.



🙂 And do not try to be 'jack of all trades' and make life and about, and about this and about the third or tenth. Remember the original – one, two themes. A striking example of such a Error multitasking find on my site. Justification can only be what it first – the online home (a little of everything), and secondly – this is my home page :-), and in the third – this is actually my first website. And traffic it goes on some specific reasons, which will be discussed later Well, to make the site – a big deal. But we must still do it wisely, that he 'liked' the search engines! Here again an important subject site. Selecting theme, you agree to define a list of search queries that your site is supposed to be located. Make a note of his column, these words and phrases as you currently see them.

A dozen Pick up key phrases may be relevant to the services of search engines: Yandex and Rambler. Now firmly remember – the chosen words must appear in the text of your site, ie it must be relevant to them. Therefore, maybe now you'll have to walk a little to optimize the site, slightly change the expressions, phrases, etc. Be sure to put these key phrases in headings (H1 tags on to H3), as well as highlight the tag strong. Do not overdo it with this, and make the best that a couple of fatty expressions on each page was listed, the text also met key expression, but the readability of the pages do not suffer.

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Web site development "turnkey" – one of the leading areas of work of any Internet-agency. Usually, the website includes: 1.Razrabotka site concept. 2.Sozdanie technical specifications for the development of 3.Development website design templates 4.Verstku, installing and configuring the CMS and download content 5.Sozdanie Like any development, site development begins with an idea. Typically, a person already has some idea of what should be its site. After all, he had already decided to develop the site, then it has for good reason. And of course, as any Internet user, the customer has their own preferences and the appearance of a functional purpose of the site. In fact, always important to understand these preferences, and as a result of the site should look both visually and functionally in accordance with them.

For this it is useful to analyze the customer's favorite sites and competitor sites. This will allow create an original concept. It will design sketches, preliminary functional system, as well as pre-calculated value. The terms of reference is the most important document regulating includes the development site. According to it, determine what happens as a result.

The TOR are taken into account all the details, because any part of the site must be clearly and specifically agreed. Naturally, the creation of technical project will require some time, but afterwards it will help avoid the kinds of conflicts between developers and those who ordered the site. The appearance of the Internet site is important for those who will visit the site. Attractiveness, comfort, use the buttons, the art of correct accents – all these should be considered a designer. Well, that's already been approved terms of reference and design. For the case come from layout and the programmers. First created by the design of pages must be divided into separate graphics – icons, background images, menu, etc. All of them will be stored in a separate file. Then, based on the design of each sample page of the future site layout create a page template in HTML, which faithfully replicate the visual appearance of the former. They must also take into account, where should be located a static, unchanging information, and where – the dynamic, unknown advance. At the same time establish a CMS (content management system). It is also called by the engine. Such a system allows interaction between all sections of the website. CMS determines when, where and what is displayed on pages, using it can change any part, and it keeps the whole structure and data of the future of the resource. Such systems are developing professionals for a long time, they constantly make improvements, they there are new versions. The final stage of creating the site – to download all the data already-established website. That's it! But that site is really working, you need to 'roll out', that is, to promotions. This may engage in the same agency where you applied for development.

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You must describe the essence of his proposal one, two phrases. Tip # 3. Use keywords in your ad. Keywords that are in your ad will stand out "fat". Speaking candidly Jeremy Tucker told us the story. This immediately draw attention to your text.

In addition, people always pay attention to the text on which he conducted the search. Imagine that you need to repair the car vaz. You have entered into a search form, "repair car vaz. On Which of the following titles you respond: "Repair all makes of cars" or "Repair vaz? In the second case you get exactly what they seek. It is advisable to use keywords in the header, and in text of the ad.

It will always work better if you do not use keywords in the text at all. Tip # 4. Every word – a separate announcement. Based on the previous advice, you should allocate a separate ad for each keyword. Thus, you can not only create a suitable text for each query, but also be able to verify in practice the effectiveness of certain words. And this is a very valuable experience. Tip # 5. Link to ad should lead to the relevant page. Imagine this time that you need a Canon camera on a model. You searched and found a display ad this model. But when you clicked on a link in the header, it does not hit page with descriptions and prices, and on the "Home" a huge Internet shops which sell very different electronics. In this case, would have to spend a lot of time looking page with a description of the model itself. Most people will not even try, just go to another site. That is why the link from your ad should not lead to the main page and a page with a description of what you suggested in the ad. Of course, sometimes it can be and the home page. The main secret: Always test your ads. This means that if you want to achieve results, then you should as soon as possible to move from theory to practice. You have to constantly work on their ads, modify them, watch how this affected the results. That's how people become professionals in this area. Only through constant practice, testing and observation, they receive invaluable experience, who can not get in any book on promotion. I hope and your success. Good luck!

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Author's blog, a place where the author wrote all that to him vzbredet. For example, was the author of the blog no one on the street, I saw an interesting life situation, and decided to describe this situation in his blog for comment. Naturally, the author of the blog perhaps to each record will put the photo for a full picture of the perception of what is happening to that particular situation. The more relevant and unique information you will spread on its blog, the more readers to your blog will be. To increase the activity of search engine on your blog, always possible to exchange items. The article finally can provide a link to the blog and search engines you necessarily notice, but may be noticed and real visitors, plus visitors from the search engines themselves. The more you are open to communication with the public, the more options will be on your own blog, and the more visitors, all praportsionalno. But do not forget to fill the blog interesting information and is not spam, spam makes otbratny effect, and after the spam on your blog will never be normal readers. Therefore, the attitude towards advertising is very carefully. I wish you success in your rasrabotke copyright blog.

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SEO Search

And while some visitors, more efficient may be a small ratings, which involved not so many sites. Put the meter – the same Rambler, Spylog, One.Ru. Some steady number of visitors will be given banner exchange system. Frequently Bill Phelan has said that publicly. But to do this, your banner show up at least 400-500 times a day because effectiveness of banner exchange is usually not more than 1% – ie click on it 4-5. Again depends on the banner – a draw! 🙂 Now let's talk about exchanging links. This factor is the second most important after the contents page.

The fact is that search engines determine the relevance of low contents of your site in relation to the search phrase. Give him more to be on your page as much as possible links to external sites! Since it shows that you are popular in your link, you are – that is, you are an authority in this area. And the more of these external links, the higher the site rises in search results ceteris paribus. Therefore, at any price you want to get more inbound links and preferably non-reciprocal – that is, you link to, and you in response to the site – no. Such links are valued higher. Link exchange can give you some extra visitors.

Try to vary with sites similar theme (but not the one to one) and, preferably, with more high-traffic … List your site in a few dozen, and preferably hundreds of directories. (Just choose the folders, which put a link to you without a redirect.) One of the types of link exchange: if You are doing the programming, register their programs from the servers of software (and their attendance of a-ho-ho!) And leave it on your page can credit. If the applets interesting – traffic will be hoo! And search engines that will be celebrated. The same glaring example – my home page. 🙂 You can leave the links in the guest, forums, message boards, in letters at last … Very effective in increasing attendance can be e-mail – newsletter, which will periodically return visitor to your website. But this requires that the content of it is periodically updated, people will not lose interest in the site and did not disappoint. In search engine optimization (SEO) is the still a huge mass of subtleties! To learn at least some of them, I advise you to pay attention to a terrific video course Yusuf Gubaidulina 'Strategies of effective promotion. " More than 7 hours of live video, purely practical orientation will help you learn the basics of SEO. Good attendance you!

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Let us guide your company has decided – we urgently need a website! Let's see if he really needed you so and whether to bear some financial costs of creating a website. Web site is one of the powerful promotional tool and a tremendous source of information for your future clients. In our time, is very problematic to find a successful company that does not have a web site. Although the site is just a small thread in the World Wide Web, but its main goal to provide as much as possible information about the company, product or service, tell and show visitors the maximum efficiency, to convey to them the importance of cooperation in this your company, identify your competitive advantage. For assistance, try visiting Bill Phelan. And the more informative will be your corporate website, the higher the likelihood that potential customers are increasingly likely to become your real customers. Consider a small example from our own experience in the field of web development: Sometimes our customers ask us: why you need to specify the price on the site, publish price lists, described in detail in our directory products and yes even put a photo? That client will come to our office (or store) then we'll show them all in detail and explain. The answer is simple corny – because this is not correct. The potential client simply close your site and go to the site of the competition that filled his site the most comprehensive and useful information. Create a site for a company can be considered successful if and only if your site conveys to potential customer need to order goods or services from you. Any established site should attract customers, not repel them. Need to clearly understand the importance of creating the site, filling it with relevant information and of course the subsequent promotion of the site.

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The success of direct sales CARLiN harvested inside and outside our borders is based on an element: quality. Without this key business volume generated 465 franchises that has this line at present, would be impossible to be achieved. Safe ascent, graduate in geography and history with a major in art history at the Complutense University, is who is at the head of this Department as well as the commercial management programme. She, along with his training team, consisting of 6 partners (Maria Castillo-Responsable Center of formation, Julio Sobrino-Concepto Carlin, Jose Ignacio Echeverria-Acuerdos from approved suppliers, Maria Jose Lopez – purchases through the OnLine store, Montse Munoz-manejo of the page Web of Carlin) make this goal possible. The policy tells us what is your work and know how that applies in Carlin thereon. -The Department directs is dynamic.

Evolves according to the needs of its franchisees or are advances to the? do same?, what is your operation? Contact and closeness with our franchisees is constant and one of our main sources of information when it comes to incorporate improvements or changes in the procedures or services. One of our main premises is personalization in dealing with all and each one of our franchises, and in my case is not an exception. In addition to the ongoing evaluation that involves daily contact with our franchisees, every year we make at least one internal audit and external, such audits are the best mechanisms to identify areas to improve. So far, the results have been unbeatable to being even felicitados by external auditing company. All the franchisees who are members of our group have access to the different departments of our central. On the other hand, the analysis and study of our sector is standing both nationally and internationally, is a sector that presents continuous innovations in products, strategies, systems, sales, etc and is essential to know them and apply in your case.

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Web Design

Web design is a specific kind of design, which is considered most crucial to the development and simulation of various interfaces for a variety of web resources and all sorts of web applications. Web design in the same way involves creating a web resource, a compilation of the most successful colors and creative design all the Web pages in general. Also, manufacturing systems, due to which the resource management, placement resource on the specified server, creating a variety of banners, the registration of a new site to popular search engines and Internet resources, web layout. The very definition of 'web – design' is derived from foreign words – Web design. In Indeed, the phrase web design originated in Russia recently, but at the same time, such activities immediately found a huge number of adherents.

This is due, firstly, the increased enthusiasm for users Internet resources. Because of what has increased the demand for web design sites. It should also say that the web designer can be a person who has no design education. Because in this profession are assessed mainly original design decisions, an ingenious approach, originality, and the like. The purpose of web designer comes down to, so make a portal that would be enjoyed great popularity among users. For this reason, the Internet resource must be a unity of color palettes and stylistic execution of the specified resource. Among other things, web design also includes a structure adjustment resource function addition or removal of site pages, templates, management web design, replacement of a section of the resource. Needs to be told that the processing of web sites of considerable attention is paid to ensure that Internet resource has been given to the following world-wide standards W3C, provides people with disabilities access to the content of this type of resource. Fairly close to the concept of web design associates phrase Internet advertising, which involves improving the site and its modernization.

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The Council of Ministers adopted on 2 July by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2010, the consolidated text of the law of companies, by which the regulations on limited liability companies, companies limited liability, listed corporations and mutual societies by shares, i.e. companies existing in our system is unified into a single legal text. According to the information note provided by the Council of Ministers, this new law, effective from 1 September 2010 (except art. 515, concerning the nullity of clauses limiting the right to vote, which will from July 1, 2011), it puts an end to the insufficient coordination of the different social types, as well as the imperfections and gaps. Such a situation would have their origin in the existence of two separate legal texts, the consolidated text of the law of corporations of 1951 and the Ley de Sociedades de Responsabilidad Limitada in 1953, whose security, imperfections and legal loopholes, only they had been settled by jurisprudence. Also, these two rules should coordinate with the regulation of the companies audited by actions and listed anonymous companies. The need to coordinate this diverse setting, was evident in Act 3/2009, structural modifications of commercial companies. In addition to adapt Spanish law to European standards and reform the system of structural modifications, this law introduced, in his seventh Final disposition, an enabling the Government for within a period of twelve months appropriate to recast in a single text the regulatory laws of the capital companies. In this way, with the adoption of the new law of Spanish companies, from September 1, were repealed the consolidated text of the anonymous Societies Act of 1989 and the Ley de Sociedades de Responsabilidad Limitada in 1995. Also, several articles of the securities market law of 1988, as well as the commercial code of 1885 have been repealed (including the articles 151 to) 157 relating to society in limited partnership by shares).

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