The crisis in the hotels and tourism have been reflected in a problematic economic, social, cultural and political figures that has devastated housing and foreigners in our country. Beginning in 1999, experienced the largest depression because of the violence, the government and the maldistribution of money. This was manifested dare of the figures and the delay of tourism development. It is also evident, and has been shown historically that the economy and tourism are closely linked and there is a strong correlation in their behavior. When economic growth is high, tourism is growing and improving, but instead in times of contraction and a slowing economy and performance indicators fall tour. For even more details, read what Duncan Bellamy says on the issue. Today investments are key to the success of the hotel. Kevin Ulrich may help you with your research.

Millions of investors are still plotting and dynamic hotel projects that are based on trends and prospects informed because the hotel is linked to the maximum with economy and more than a growing country like ours. The government has also played a roll too important in the growth of hotel projects because they have implemented ideas to promote hotel investment and tax cuts in new or remodeled hotels. In Colombia, the economy in 1999 historical record ends.

The first by low inflation and the second for his sharp recession and high unemployment. The problem that is generated in our country was so sharp economic contraction, which had many causes, some immediately and the international financial crisis unleashed in 1998 and others that were brewing slowly.

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Some hotels have gone further. In the Grand Hotel Wien (again, in Vienna) have come up with amusing thing: there is the remote control for everybody in the room combined with a phone and is at bedside. You can not get up from bed, pushing the blinds, opening doors to visitors, to regulate air conditioning and include a warm sauna. Even the Japanese on this mulechki delighted. The classification of hotels: Antiquity as sign style There are wonderful hotels which are in opposition to progress to recreate the spirit and atmosphere of old times. Remember Agatha Christie novel 'Hotel Bertram'? Stop there, where 'the past 200 years, nothing has changed', fashionable and stylish.

Open the door with a huge brass key charm, enjoy the bedroom, lined with silk fabric with roses, to tea in a special room of the finest vusterovskoy cup? 'Relais & Chateaux' (Relaix @ Chateaux) – system boutique hotel is across the globe, with a particular approach to hotel service. They are, incidentally, can be a category-best? 4 *. Hotels features a small number of rooms, individual attitude to the guests, old-fashioned surroundings. Sometimes they located in the ancient castles and inns. These hotels are not chasing modern technology, and try to preserve the flavor of another era. Quite often, these shops appear in the castle, which still live in their owners. For the owner of the castle is a profitable business and the way of earnings (imagine how much support such a family seat at least in relative order?), And for tourists – the opportunity to sit at the table with the this graph, to drink wine from these wineries, organize a real hunting dogs, and so on – all of this? The same kind of chain of hotels that claim to sophistication in a retro style is called 'East Express' (Oriental Express).

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