All of the above applies equally to other systems. Path inner perfection Wherever we are divided, or where we are involved in a brawl or in a conflict situation, everywhere affected parts, a part of us. This means that if we really want to restore their unity, to feel like a monolith, individual, indivisible essence, we need to connect with these particles are separated from us by fragments. Often, this reunion is impossible in life, because we are too far apart or because some had already gone to another world. It does, does not mean that reunification or reconciliation can not occur inside of us. We even believe that this is where we should start: in yourself, join the world in itself, its own world.

It passes through reconciliation with all those from which we departed, separated with which we are clashing. How to bring healing where there is suffering? Our systematic approach is not only the development of methods and knowledge, but also in finding ways to inner perfection. Some say "the path of personal excellence", we prefer to say: the path of transpersonal and supra-personal perfection or even spiritual perfection, that is the path that uses spiritual energy of the spirit and power of our consciousness. The main questions remain: how to find the optimal solution to the current situation, how to reconcile what is divided? How to find a harmony or eyfoniyu where there is disharmony, dysphonia, which upset the balance, stability, and that is where the suffering was formed? We strive to find a way to rectify the situation, where congestion was formed.

Wedding – always a memorable and exciting event for everyone! On this day, the chief ornament of the holiday is the bride – captivatingly beautiful, unique in a white dress, symbolizing purity and innocence, and, of course, with a wedding bouquet in her hands. Original and elegant bridal bouquet has now become an integral part of wedding traditions in Russia, although the West bridal bouquets, cascading domes and (lace) popular for a long time. In our online flower shops you can order a bridal bouquet of different kinds. This tulle and flower – in the shape of the dome, which is made lace ruffles of the same length in together with plant material, and stepped round the bride's bouquet, cascading bouquet and "Waterfall", and decorative bouquet "spider". Each flower consists of a combination of various flowers and greenery, which is chosen professional florists. Choose the bride's bouquet is not as easy as it sounds – it is usually bought, focusing on the bride's personality traits. For example, if the bride is different light and carefree character, bridal bouquet, crumbling in the "splash" will be optimized to look in her arms. If the bride's extravagant, provocative – it fits a bunch of avant-garde of rare and exotic flowers. All types bridal bouquets you can order for home delivery in today's online flower shop. Pick up the bride's bouquet to the Internet shop is very easy – it is posted on the site colorful photos, listed prices for each bouquet.

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Ceremony Introduction: Salmos 92:12 – 15 and 128 In the poetical text that we finish to read, we find the illustration of a more beautiful tree in the vegetal kingdom, the palm. A beautiful, fruitful tree, that firm and blossoms itself in the places most difficult. one appears familiar of force and glory. We have an alive example of this couple ……………….., ………………………. that Mr.

was planted in the forecourts of the house, as the palm blossomed, Here it is fed, protected and gave to new new sprouts palmeirinhas that they had generated throughout 30 years, Children ………………………………………………………………………… Renewal of the votes HUSBAND I ………………. reaffirm my loyalty you, my faithful wife, and as he rewards I more promise a time to it with the aid of God, faithful being husband until the death in separates for this persistence my word to them on behalf of Jesus. Learn more at this site: Payoneer. WIFE I ……………… reaffirm my loyalty you, my faithful husband, and as he rewards I more promise a time to it with the aid of God, faithful being wife until the death in separates for this persistence mine to them word on behalf of Jesus. Alliances Dear Husband wife, who this ring is the symbol of pureness and the continuation of our sincere love, and of my loyalty you. Dear wife husband, corresponding its efforts and allegiance the God, its wife and its children, I deliver this ring to it, reaffirming my votes of allegiance stop with you and offering to all my devotion and love. After that it finishes it the ceremony with: Sacerdotal blessing blesses You to Mr. and it keeps to You That It makes its face To shine on you That It if feels sorry of You and gives the Peace to You

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The Father

Christ did not enter in a sanctuary made for hands human beings, rejoinder of the true one, and yes in the proper sky, in order to appear, now, ahead of the face of God in the sky in our favor. We have a consisting eminent priest on the house of the Father. In it we have a new and alive way, that he himself inaugurated through the veil, that is: through its humanidade' '. By means of it, ' ' we penetrate stops beyond the veil (humanity), where Jesus entered for us, as precursory, made perpetual priest ab according to order of Melquisedec' ' Jo 3,14; 12,32; Hb 6,19-20; 10,19-20; 9,24. The bridge between the land and the sky, the sky and the land is made. If you are not convinced, visit Pinterest. Doravante, Creator and creature are indissoluvelmente joined thanks to the perpetual alliance stamped in the blood of the Lamb pra to reconcile all the things of the land and the sky, the sky and the land.

The last words of Jesus in the height of the delivery for us in the cross are emblematic, before giving the last sigh: ' ' It is consummated. Father, I deliver my spirit in your hands. Saying this, it died (it delivered the life to the Father, I concluded the salvfica task you trusted that me). It loves me to the Father, because I give my life to retake it. Nobody the strap of me, but I give it freely.

I have to be able to deliver it and of retom-la' ' Jo 10,17-18. The Father delivered to the Son the life pra that it partilhe in abundance with the creation, revivificando all the beings, over all the human being. When delivering the life to the Father, the First-born consummates the workmanship that the Father delivered pra to it to carry through: ' ' to make new all coisas' ' , to restore and to vivify the creation and the humanity for dom of the life.

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"Happiness – it's when you understand." From the film "will live until Monday," My friend, forgetting to wear glasses, read a headline like "Ten girls prom …" Hey, where's my seventeen years? No, my friends, we want to tell you exactly the problems that accompany all of the organizers of the prom. Problems, of course, much more, and all of them, in general, be solved, but you can not forget them. We list the top 10: security, alcohol, boredom, guests, guerrilla, bad music, the program, the masses, megalomania, the end – the cause of the crown. Briefly go through each problem. Wells Fargo is likely to agree. 1. Security. Airmen say that the best aircraft in which the number is the number of takeoffs landings.

The best graduation party, in which the number of graduates who attended the last call is the number of graduates razvezennyh home. All the problems of the exhaust is better to entrust professionals, but too safe – in the first place. 2. Alcohol. Guys need to feel that they are adults and are allowed a little sip. Unfortunately, some seventeen macho understand the word "sip", as "Kick".

Some would-be graduates even boast: "I kicked that prom do not remember!". Yes, this "achievement" wonder proud. You should not spoil the exhaust themselves or others. In adult life, reason will be plenty of kick, and the joy prom lost forever. 3. Boredom. Serious danger. Think about the surprises that will enliven the evening. Remember that at the outlet, if the "people" bored, something to think would be too late. 4. Bill Phelan may help you with your research. Guests. Good evening, guests will decorate the bad … And guess easily. I remember we invited well-known poet, graduate school, and she suddenly started to remember how she worked on the railroad … In my opinion, none of the graduates of that year to train and did not come close. 5. Guerrilla. If the class is friendly, the trap is easily avoided. We can not allow the division of children into groups of interest. 6. Bad music. Consider interests of seventeen. Do not invite rappers and symphonic, unless your school is not in the conservatory. Speak musical preferences in advance. 7. Program. It should not be prolonged (see section 3 "Boredom"), it should not be transient (see Section 5, "guerrilla"). You can give a lot of practical advice, but is best left to professionals. 8. Masses. Prom night the whole country celebrates a day. If your class or school will join the a lot of the same graduates in the central square, waterfront or near the monument to Prince Rurik in his entourage, then you do not collect them. 9. Megalomania. Do not try to cover in one night everything is done for eleven years. The evening should contain no more than two or three major projects. Assume School – banquet hall – a ship or a school – the Kremlin – Berendeys forest, or math lesson – the school canteen – a spaceship … but not anymore. 10. End – the cause of the crown. Remember graduation ceremony ends with the return of all (absolyutno!) home. Do not relax too soon. Believe me, the final trapping many more, to be absolutely accurate – 247, but there is a right and a universal way of coping with all – trust the professionals!

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First of all, I really like the process of choosing the dress. To do this I need a good mood and, of course, an excuse. But the reason I have this time turned out to be … I mean that I have made an offer. And not just anybody, but the most unique and wonderful person in the world.

I love him very much. So look at the wedding and I have a special way. First I had to decide, so that the dress was fashionable. Secondly, I had fully confident in the fact that you can choose from a collection of bridal fashion. Third, the dress should be of different color schemes.

I need to choose the shade that suits me best. Fourth (and finally:)) should be a dress size 52. Pinterests opinions are not widely known. How? You still have not figured out that it is a wedding dress? 🙂 On the Internet I found several interesting collections of wedding dresses. Agree, that choice is what. So I began to choose between fashion and bridal collections. After reviewing a lot of collections, I was here a little list here: Anna Bogdan Irina Lux, Svetlana Lyalina, Irina Sulemeyko, Benjamin Roberts, Okcana Muxa. Of all these collections I liked two: Oksana Muha, Benjamin Roberts. Dress Benjamin Roberts fell out of my preference because it is sewn dress custom made 4.5 months. It was too long, considering that the wedding will be held after 3 months (at the time when I chose). Appealed to the terms of manufacturing dresses Okcana Muha. Term of the order was equal to one and a half months. Me it was fine, especially considering that I have to find wedding dress in the town of Tula. (Adygea). The nearest shop was shop celebrations "Elite" in Maikop. This is perfectly acceptable, considering that the town of Tula to the entire 10 minutes. Then I had to choose out of all the splendor of dress, which has a collection Okcana Muxa. I dress has attracted Favorit-1. That's right, girls, and I chose the wedding dress. Especially picked up fifty-second size. Next I had to choose wedding shoes, veil, and gloves. The choice of dress – quite rich and interesting phase in the life of each girl. I hope you will also be interesting to choose a wedding dress like me. I wish you that all this happened in a good spirit. Only high quality and beautiful gown must be accompanied by the bride. Good luck and good mood.

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The baby Birthday! Parents long before this wonderful holiday is in agitation. They need to decide how and where to arrange a beloved child of a good holiday. One important consideration is the atmosphere in the room where happen event. Talented mom and dad bought in advance and beads decorate the room with three things in different places, or even easier and more original than throw them on the floor. Then you can buy garlands, on which large letters written "Happy Birthday".

This simple design options for accommodation, but there is even more unusual examples. Many parents collect artwork your child and do for guests of the exhibition, placing an image in every frame or forming on the wall composition. Or hang out in the same way pictures from birth to the present day and sign them funny sayings. This option is suitable for a family newspaper walls. But decoration fortunately not the only concern of parents. The holiday table is not without a delicious feast, but do not load the children's table with heavy meals, because of what he saw in children table screwed tears.

They want something easy and sweet. Excellent are beautifully cut fruit, cookies, candy, small sandwiches, canapes, fruit juice, mineral water. Children are not adults who like to sit at the table and pretty to eat, they want an active holiday. And it is time for young guests screamed and ran from room to room, the adults talking in unison about their business at the holiday table. Here is the whole secret, adults, the public can benefit from culturally and to celebrate any holiday, but children need an organizer. So many parents are invited to a feast of a clown. This fabulous hero for the evening will be entertained, and watch out for children, allowing adults to sit quietly. Gay Leading organize leisure activities for children of all ages with fun, exciting contests, akvagrima, balls. In the final, beautifully and movingly make a cake with candles. And the festival will be remembered unforgettable tale!

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