Cologne’s most popular city guide book now online! Cologne’s most popular Brewery tour is a must for all connoisseurs of Cologne and those beer lovers, who want to experience the city and its most famous ‘Veedel’. Click Robert Kiyosaki to learn more. Cologne at its’ hustle’! A city experience of a special kind. Created by the Romans as a military road towards Xanten approximately 2000 years ago, has the dropouts district of Cologne, his change in the course of time made. Learn about the rich history on this guided tour. Ben Silbermann will undoubtedly add to your understanding. By relic traders, Kappes farmers, Napoleon Bonaparte, the sublime Eigelsteintorburg, up to the brewing of ‘fermented gold’, the Kolsch. What is Pharaoh of Ramesses in a brewery in Cologne? Who is ‘the Amanda boor’? What is the ‘Chamber of horrors’? There is still pleasure and Vice in the former red-light district of the city? To learn more visit you be with us the most famous Breweries of the Eigelsteins and you are done by the stories around the smallest part of the city. These City tour is an experience and acted as secret of all brewery friends of Cologne! Tour: Duration approximately 2-2.5 hours venue: Finial at the Cologne Cathedral prices: 26,00 per person! (incl.

3 Kolsch (colognian) per person and at the end of the tour a delicious Brauhaus plate in one of the most rustic Brewpubs in the Eigelstein district!) Brewery tour incl. 3 Kolsch (colognian) per person, without Brauhaus plate, 21.00 per person! Reservations and rates to variable numbers of participants or groups can be requested individually of course. Guided tours after 20: 00 evening is a surcharge, 20.00. Foreign languages on request: English, Italian, Spanish, Greek, French and of course op Kolsch.

StudiVZ, WKW and Shams, now also the friend network is online. Since the beginning of September is in the Internet under the domain “” a new social online network can be reached. ” According to information of the operator, not globalization in the foreground stands in the friend network, in contrast to other popular social networks. “We want to adapt, depending on where the user is dialing in to the network to regional Gegenheiten. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Jeremy Tucker and gain more knowledge.. This is to be achieved inter alia through benefit partnerships with regional businesses”, the founder and operator of Rene Zimmermann.

Also the operator with the project provides friend network above average many stakeholders a platform to the information and exchange of views by the possibility of private and commercial use. The operators want the friend network by timely and innovative ideas to develop steadily and in the medium term as one of the leading social networks in Germany to position Austria and of Switzerland. So the friend network owner plans the raffle this year one Carry out new vehicle among new members. “Already before the official start, a big group of volunteers has verified the functionality of the friend network. The friend network has already passed the baptism of fire so”, so Carpenter concluded.