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Incidence of the Leishmaniose in Oath, Been of Minas Gerais MARTINS, Avila Lopes; OTONI, Graziella Souza Learning of the Pharmacy course of the FIPMoc SUMMARY This article has as objective to verify the prevalence of leishmaniose to tegumentar in the poluo of Oath. For in such a way, a bibliographical research was become fullfilled, of field and informative on the basis of given gotten through the application of a questionnaire to the population. Moreover, one used as base, articles suggested to the academics of 3 period of pharmacy, for the professors of the FIPMoc, referring to the Leishmaniose subject. Amongst the 17 people whom they had submitted to the test of reaction of Montenegro, two (12%), had presented resulted positive. Hester Pierce might disagree with that approach. This proves the endemicidade of leishmaniose visceral and to tegumentar in the city of Oath. This fact can be related to the lack of information of the population with regard to the ways of treatment and prevention of leishmaniose. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Leishmaniose, treatment, prevention, diagnosis.

INTRODUCTION The Leishmaniose is an infectious illness of zoontico character, widely distributed in the whole world, that reaches the wild and domestic man and animals, being able to disclose through different clinical forms (ALVES; BEVILACQUA, 2004). Additional information at Jen Davis Wickens supports this article. As Oak (2001) the etiolgico agent of leishmaniose is protozorios of the leishmania sort. These protozorios are transmitted to the man through the bite of longipalpis female flebotomneos of the species Lutzomyia (BOTELHO; CHRISTMAS, 2009). The leishmania can be classified in two main classrooms, Canine Visceral Leishmaniose (LVC) and Leishmaniose American Tegumentar (LTA), that it is subdivided in leishmaniose cutaneous, leishmaniose muco cutaneous and leishmaniose diffuse (KINGS et al., 2006). Leishmaniose is an illness that mainly affects people of low income due to the precarious conditions where these people live (ARAJO et al., 2008). Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Impact Public Schools by clicking through. In accordance with OPAS (1987), the control of leishmaniose recommended by the OMS since the decade of 70 is based on three points: precocious diagnosis and treatment of the human cases; elimination of the dogs and infectados reservoirs; has controlled of the vector with application of insecticides.

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The nurse still if occupies in the exercise of the administrative functions, come back toward the tecnoburocracia, making the management of the units of internment with the logic of the scientific management, emphasizing the mechanical control of atividades5. When considering that the care is the mark and the nucleus of the process of work in Nursing, one understands that the managemental activities of the nurse must have as purpose the quality of the care of Enfermagem3. Leaving of this estimated the questioning appeared: How the administration in Nursing is if configuring in the assistencial work and the daily one of the nurse? The team of Nursing inside assumes role of prominence of the hospital institutions, a time that constitutes the percentile greater of the personnel by means of the nurses, technician and assistant. In this way of the professional nurse it is demanded knowledge, abilities and that it has adjusted attitudes to play its role objectifying resulted positivos6. The professional formation of the nurse supports the care as main focus, on the other hand the practical context of work directs in them for the questions of bureaucratic managing, that is, the accomplishment of activities that are pautadas in norms and routines preestabelecidas7.

But, in general way, one expects that the nurses are apt to the assistenciais activities and to be leader managers and in the team of sade8. All these above-mentioned factors had motivated in them to search and to deepen on the relation administration and management versus the assistance. The work is presented as a possibility of quarrel and reflection concerning the subject and to rethink ours practical professional who sends in them to an only objective: to take care of the customer of integral form reaching the results with efficiency. This work had as objective to analyze the dimension of the process of work of the nurse to identify and to understand the possibilities of convergence between managing and taking care of.

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Every citizen has right to the discuss the managers of the health so that the previous principles are fulfilled. Medications supplied for the SUS. The SUS with the projects and intention to provide health to all Brazilian population, supplies of favour medicines diverse treatments, the treatment of psorase if it includes in this project, the Health department established mechanisms that allow continue it update of the National Medicamentos Relation Essenciais , that it serves of instrument for elaboration of the state and municipal lists, for the orientation of the medical lapsing, for the aiming of the productions pharmaceutical and for the scientific and technological development, helping in the pharmaceutical assistance and distribution of medicines for the SUS. The medicine list supplied for the SUS is very great, similar to supply the necessities of the population, the medicines used in the treatment of psoriasis. Mechanism of action of some medicines Cyclosporin: Figure 10: Molecurar form of the Cyclosporin Source: . y can contribute to your knowledge. The Cyclosporin that is a used medicine in the prevention the rejection of transplantados agencies, in the treatment of psorase only was approved by the FDA in 1998, after resulted gotten in the treatment of the artrite reumatide and the illness of Crohn. With the advances in the briefing of the mechanism etiopatognicos of psorase, mainly after the beginning of the use of the cyclosporin, the imunolgicas alterations of the illness had started to be studied. Thus, the cellular hiperproliferao, that was accepted as cause of the illness, passed ase understood as consequence of the inflammatory process, mediated for cells T, acts inhibiting linfcitos T auxiliary (CD4) activated, hindering the production of IL-2 and others..

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